Resonate Meditations have been created to facilitate the release of dormant dense energy from the energetic bodies through long slow breath work. The sessions start with setting up the space energetically using sage, crystal grids and intention. I will explain the chakra system and

we will open the space and set the intention together.  


Throughout the meditation you will remain in your body and connect with the mother earth drawing on her potent energies to rebalance and clear your chakra system and the energetic pathways within your body.  You will discover the art of transmutation whilst being totally

connected to the wholeness of you.


The process is deeply releasing, relaxing and connecting. It will allow you complete disconnection from everyday thoughts and leave you with a deeper understanding of your energy pathways, earth connection and potential.



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Group Meditation Classes

& Private Sessions 

Please note group sessions require a minimum of 4 people.

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