I have a private clinic and am practicing extremely thorough hygiene measures 
I am permitted to work providing I screen the health of my clients before I book them in

All massage treatments are available & you can also book in for an energy Healing and meditation with no physical contact if that feels better for you 


If you are in need of treatment, have been following self isolation guidelines and are well, please contact me. 

Book by calling 0418 452 005
or email me on resonatetherapy@gmail.com




Here are the guidelines outlined by the ATMS with whom I am accredited.


“The individual decision to practice remedial and therapeutic massage services is now a personal risk assessment based on all of the advice from national and state authorities. The personal risk assessment must follow all social distance requirements as far as practicable, infection control procedures and individual client screening. There are some premises, for example gyms, health studios, beauty salons and massage parlours that must stay closed. It follows therefore that remedial and therapeutic massage services have been relaxed when delivered in a clinic setting.

ATMS has received further advice from NSW Health, as follows: 


"That unless services have been explicitly told to shut, they can continue to operate, provided they abide by restrictions in the public health orders, which include where relevant:

- Minimum space requirements (e.g. 4 metre square per person)
- Maximum persons for indoor/outdoor premises (100 or 500 people, respectively)
- Permitted reasonable excuses
- Permitted essential gatherings

The space and maximum persons restrictions do not apply to a gathering at a ‘hospital or other medical or health service facility that is necessary for the normal business of the facility.’


Health service facilities have not been further defined in the relevant Order.”

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