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High Vibrational Living

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

What does it mean to live a high vibrational life? To have energy and vitality and to be able to access the most connected place in our beings... High Vibrational living is synchronised, life flows with grace and ease, with plenty of energy and lots of smiles! High Vibrational living syncs with the vibration of the earth, our earth's frequency is rising and so are we. Our atoms want to sync with the vibration of the mother earth but are often too depleted or toxic to do so, This is not some new age concept, it is scientific fact.... Stress, worry, trauma, toxic food, people, environments and/or products reduce the vibration of our atoms and this leads to low vibrational issues, disease, mental health and illness. When we are high vibing there is no room for these densities and we THRIVE instead of just SURVIVE!

If we can't get rid of physical & emotional toxins and density, we cannot lift the vibration of our cells, life becomes very difficult, what we resist persists, we find ourselves stagnant and in a negative state. The most productive and effective way to start eliminating density and toxins is with our thoughts, don't indulge negative thoughts, our thoughts create our reality, change the vibration of the atoms and the vibration of the thoughts are positive. The answer is to raise your vibration to meet the earths'! Our seasonal bodies are already in sync with the mother earth thru our meridian systems, we have the same elements within us as the earth and the water in our bodies ebbs and flows with the tides of the earth.... we are in sync naturally but we have lost that connection!

We immediately associate high vibration with "hippy terminology" and don't feel we can achieve that level of energy without giving up our crutches going raw vegan or becoming a full blown yogi breatharian but it is easier than you think! Like anything, take it one choice at a time.. think about your food choices, practices, rituals and habits. Reassess your day to day choices. Its a process of elimination, step by step our atoms vibrate at a higher rate until we get to the point where we simple don't want to absorb anything toxic and healthy choices are all we make, it's all about rising and the journey to vibrational health is so very worth the effort!

5 Steps to raising your vibration:

Purify your water

Choose real organic spray, chemical and hormone free food, body products and cleaning products

Include healthy practices into your day to day living

Immerse yourself in Nature

Breathing or Pranayama

Pure water is such a huge part of our health, removing the chemicals like fluoride and chlorine is a must! A good quality filter is a great way to start purifying! Bless your water before you drink it, all life on earth vibrates and all energy is transferable! Swim and bath in the clean anointed oceans, streams and rivers of the earth as a weekly ritual, hold an intent of purifying whilst immersing yourself in the water.

Real food! Live food! Yes the food that takes time to prepare but its time we got out of the disposable era and get real! Stop buying packet anything! Source local fruit and veg, as organic or spray free as you can possibly get, it really does make a difference. If you must eat meat, source local, chemical free, humanely slaughtered produce, when an animal is traumatised during death, those stress hormones and terror are still in its muscles when you eat it! Remember all energy is transferable, do you really want to ingest terror??Start to incorporate some super foods like cacao, cinnamon, turmeric, acai, mesquite, macca, matcha etc and send loving thoughts to your food as you are preparing it, food prepared with love is a sure way to rise!

Become a conscious consumer, educate yourself on what is in the products you put in and on your body and where they come from, they are slowly killing us and contribute to lowering our vibration. This information can be found online when you search: "Barcodes", "Labelling" and "Ingredient numbers"

Practices are next, what are you doing on a daily basis that really makes you feel great? An early morning walk or yoga, tai chi or chi gong, meditation, gratitude, gentleness, generosity, dancing, singing, chanting, mantra, laughing or just generally sharing the love are all amaze balls! By bringing one or all of these practices into your daily life, you will notice the difference. It doesn't have to take long, a few minutes a day at the very least and you are on your way to high vibing!

Nature is all around us, we are designed to absorb energy from our environment, the ocean, the beach, the mountains, forests and waterfalls are all here for your rejuvenation and healing, breath in the pure energy that is provided to you by the earth, allow it to fill and clear you. Dawn and Dusk are magical times of the day, watching a sunrise or sunset feels so good! Sitting in a forest is now preventive medicine in Japan, they call it "Shinrin Yoku" or "Forest Bathing" they discovered that it is scientifically proven to reduce cortisol levels in the brain, reduce blood pressure and improve health and wellbeing immediately! If your life is too fast, look at the laws of nature and recalibrate your thinking, nature happens in its own time, fed by its environment, follow the laws of nature and slow down to your own natural rhythm, move to the beat of your own drum!

Breathing is our body's way of detoxifying moment by moment, sit and consciously breath, visualising the toxins leaving the body, every inhalation is light and energy and every exhalation is releasing toxins. Practice mindfulness whilst doing this pranayama exercise and you will benefit immensely! There are pranayama exercises on my Facebook page, visit if you feel to learn more about this powerful practice.

It is our birth right to be vital and to thrive, the denser we are, the more we attract dense experiences, the lighter we are, the more we shine!

RISE AND SHINE beautiful people! Light is you and you are light! Let go of the program that life needs to be hard, it is all a matter of perception, your outer world is a reflection of your inner world and your inner world is all about your VIBRATION!!

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