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How many times have you looked back and known that you should have listened to that inner voice that whispered, no - this is not for you! Sometimes it probably screamed it and you still didn't hear it! I think we have all had that experience and have all had some pretty harsh repercussions when we didn't listen....

It is by no means a punishment or a mistake, and we should never have regrets when this happens in our lives, as it truly is a gift......what it actually equates to is CONFIRMATION! Confirmation that there is a higher power within you, your spirit...she knows what is good and what is right for you. We just need to learn how to hear her and then trust her......When we come across a therapist or a psychic who picks up on our stuff, it is not because they have a gift you do not have, it is because they have learnt how to feel the subtle energy shifts that happen when something spiritual is occurring.... Otherwise known as your intuition

Our minds and our bodies have loud messages, they ache and they get stressed and the messages are not hard to miss but the spirit speaks in a different way. Subtle energy bodies are exactly that, Subtle... they whisper and guide in gentle ways, their messages require a quiet mind and a relaxed body to be able to sense and hear them, they require discernment between what the ego wants and what is truly right for you.

This is why it is so important to incorporate spiritual practices into your daily life, to allow your body and mind to feel the subtle energy of your spirit and for it to be able to speak to you. We are all here to live our true purpose, expand our gifts and light. Our education and upbringing do not always prepare us with the appropriate tools necessary to access our innate wisdom, our spirits' voice....

Some people call it instinct but instinct, to me, is a body message, a sensory experience that perceives danger or hunger that drives us to do what we need to do to survive... it is different to a subtle energetic message.

We can all access the ability to tap into our subtle energy body or spirit and there are many ways to learn how to feel and hear in a different way...

Your brow chakra is the home of perception and intuition, a clear mind & balanced brow chakra is the key..

Once start working with these tools, life is never the same again... there is an inbuilt steering mechanism that guides your decisions, the outcome may not always be what you expect but the more you work with this new gift, the more you realise how divine this journey called life really is!

Once you tune into your own spirit, you can sense the spirit in everything and everyone...

This wisdom dropped into my consciousness when a beautiful spiritual mother/friend shared her wisdom, she said....

You are made of 4 parts

Your body

Your mind

Your heart

Your spirit

If you are in your mind all the time, you are not in balance, no other part of you can communicate, when you are meditating, tell your mind to sit and wait so the other parts of you have a chance to speak

My meditation skills went to a whole new level when I sent my mind into the naughty corner because she was dominating the group and the other aspects of me where being suppressed and silenced!

There was a whole new world of information that became accessible to me and all I had to do was to still my mind once I knew how!

I have been practicing these techniques for years and now teach them to my massage, meditation and workshop cliental, I feel such expansion and joy when I witness their realisation that there is so much more to them, just as I did....

These practices are simple and fit into your day with grace and ease, your spirit will remind you and you will feel when you don't do them, we all have an innate knowing of what we need to do for our spiritual connection and wellbeing, just like when we know we need to exercise our bodies, be in nature or to eat something green... all aspects of our bodies have a knowing, your mind has a knowing, your body has a knowing, your heart has a knowing and now we can access our spirit's knowing....

If you are feeling inspired to learn more, please join us on 27th & 28th May for our 2 day workshop

These are the methods of the ancients, lost but now returning to us to awaken and deepen our connection with the majesty of ourselves!

Payment plans available, just send me a message to discuss options 🙏🏽

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