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soul purpose and Shamanic wisdom

When I fell into natural therapies, my father was curious and asked "Why would you choose a job that pays by the hour?" my response was simple, "I didn't choose it, it chose me"

To inspire others to find their soul purpose is an honour. It is actually within your being just waiting to be unpacked. The Chakras hold the wisdom and when properly guided, we can access our inherent wisdom. We just need to get out of our own way!

These days a career choice or job has replaced soul purpose.

Firstly we navigate a generic education system, hoping and praying for a decent mentor at least some of the way through, someone to see our abilities and guide them... this doesn't happen often, well not unless we are an A grade student that makes the teacher look like she is doing his/her job well. Most of us bumble through not really feeling supported or witnessed, the education system is so much more complex than it needs to be.

Secondly we have a plethora of choices to make to take our education further leaving us with thousands of dollars in debt to a system that constantly changes the goal posts and doesn't employ without experience. The privileged receive internships, the rest get knock back after knock back doing their best to secure a decent job.

How disheartening for the majority of young people to believe if you work hard & pay big education expenses you will secure the job of your dreams only to get out there in the real world to find securing said job is virtually impossible.

Highly educated & in debt Uber drivers are everywhere these days!

If only we all knew that our innate abilities presented in our younger years. The abilities we demonstrated from 7-14 yrs of age are supposed to be the starting point for our vocation decisions, if only they were witnessed by our elders then mentored into maturity like they should be.

My path was definitely a bee line. I knew I was fascinated by the human spirit from the get go, it's lead me to an inspiring path in alternative therapies and my journey here has not disappointed.

Thats how it was 30 years ago and it's still that way today...

I don't know many people who absolutely love their work.

It's been an absolute gift to have been guided into my soul purpose by a few key mentors that saw my potential at the earlier stages of my studies.

I often speak about the wisdom of the chakras. Each hold specific soul memory and have their purpose throughout your life. The Sacral or Naval chakra in particular, holds inherent gifts brought into this life. We can see these gifts emerging around the ages of 7 to 14 years of age, sometimes earlier.

Children don't recognise them as gifts or talents, they just do what they love to do, they will gravitate towards it and practice it daily eventually excelling in their chosen path. This happens naturally when they are witnessed, encouraged and guided by their elders and peers as having a natural ability. This is why it takes a village to raise self aware humans

If that child is a natural musician, wouldn't he pursue that vocation naturally?

Does it really matter if he is not good at sport? So much importance is placed on pushing kids to excel at subjects and activities they are simply not interested in when that time could be spent cultivating discipline & practice in their passions.

It also makes sense that it should start at that age, by the time you are an adult, a strong foundation in your vocation has already been established & initiated in preparation for further education.

Unfortunately my unique abilities were not in the school curriculum, in fact they were so unusual no one knew what to do with me making my earlier years of school miserable and extremely uninteresting. My attention wandered often and boredom permeated my days

I was craving guidance, no one could see what I was and I didn't fit into any mould.

My high school years were lost in rebellion and trying to find some guidance, usually in all the wrong places, it feels like a waste of time when I look back now...

From a very young age I had my hands on people, I also felt & saw energies around them

These are some of my earliest memories.

I could feel intentions and lies, I was naturally empathetic and compassionate towards people, animals & the earth. My empathic abilities continued to grow throughout my life like a muscle that was consistently worked.

As I furthered my studies I could see how embedded energies reflected in the bodies of my clients. I also noticed how it changed their movement, the structure of their shape & the narrative they spoke. Blocked energy has its own language.

I was told I had healing hands but no one knew where to guide me to learn more about it, Natural therapies were not as common back then due to centuries of witch burning for simple modalities such as making concoctions with herbs and energy healing, it's taken decades for these ancient modalities to be accepted back into respected health care.

I feel blessed to be apart of this era and the re-emergence of so many healing modalities.

The govt still try their best to discredit what we know but the evidence is in the healing we witness, there is no denying Natural remedies & knowing our intelligent biology can heal itself under the right conditions.

When you recognise your life purpose that truly executes your gifts, its not about money, business models, status or gaining a following...

It is just what you do and when the right intentions are set, the work flows organically.

Throughout the years in my field I have worked and been mentored by some highly skilled practitioners, most of whom are just humbly going about their work without needing accolades as their work speaks for itself.

The support they give to their community is not determined on the vulnerability or status of the client, the care taken to connect and support is the same for each individual who presents.

The antithesis of those humble practitioners are the self created modalities from those claiming to be healers & shaman. Interestingly, most don't even have a base modality that is recognised or accredited. So many spend thousands of dollars "being initiated" in shamanic practices that are not even of their own cultural lineage then recruit 'followers" to present a professional outlook.

Others do a few workshops and cert IV's and suddenly become influencers in their field due to a talent in online marketing.

This is apparent to me when the followers of these "healers" is a huge priority to them.

I prefer to make a difference in each individual. The energetic shift within the individual then ripples out into the world creating a vast energetic change.

I find it more satisfying to work one on one & with small groups and individuals to give my absolute best!

The essence of Shamanic work is really just learning how to listen to nature, to be at one with the earth mother and her elements. She teaches us how to simply BE.

In this space we are able to use our breath and movement to lighten the load and create more space for the flow of life.

When we learn how to be still and listen with more than our ears, the wisdom she shares is profound!

If you feel blocked or stuck in anyway, please reach out, I am happy to do a free phone consult to discuss your needs and my prices are always reasonable and negotiable if you are in struggle. Payment plans are available as are Health insurance rebates.

Self care and nurturing are a mandatory part of our human journey if we want to Thrive and receive all we are supposed to experience in life. When we allow our frequency to drop, we miss all the magic 💫


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