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Blessing Way

A Blessing Way was traditionally a Navajo Ritual created to spiritually support and empower the new mother for her journey of birthing and motherhood.

In recent times, this beautiful Ritual has been adapted as an alternative to Baby Showers, Hen's parties, Birthdays, Engagements or any celebration involving women where the focus tends to be more on the gifts and the party, rather than on the woman and her experience.

We create this sacred sisterhood circle to celebrate our Sisters in an ancient and honourable way!

Blessing ways return the ceremony into your special occasion! 

Byron Bay is a prominent wedding location making it the perfect environment for a Brides Blessing Way. 

So how does it work?

The organiser calls to discuss the details of her Sister's event

We personalise the Blessing way to suit the Woman of the day

We book a date, time and decide on a location (usually the holiday house or property)

A blessing way usually takes about an hour, mornings are the perfect time for this ritual 

I create a sacred space for us all to commune together, a Circle 

I will create a Mandala with crystals, flowers and other objects relevant to the occasion

The women are invited to bring something to add to the mandala to add their blessings (not mandatory)

All the women commune around the mandala

A setting of intentions is performed and a short sharing of the history of women's circles, their purpose and importance

I will facilitate the sharing and instruct the participants on their sharing and gifting

It is common for all the participants to bring a token of their love for the Woman being celebrated, it will usually be something small that represents their history together 

As we go around the circle, each woman shares from her heart, what the woman of the day means to her, the relevance of their token and their purest intentions and wishes for her future as a bride, mother or for her next cycle around the sun (whatever the occasion)

The woman of the day then shares her feelings, fears, excitement, gratitude with the support of her beloved Sisters

We then close the circle with a short earth meditation, honouring the divine Earth Mother 

For more information about booking a Blessing Way

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