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 A full weekend immersion designed to take you on a journey through your energetic bodies
Created to bring spiritual practices into everyday life. Perfect for those who are energetically aware, therapists or anyone wanting to enhance their understanding of how to clear, connect, and protect themselves. 
More than a wellness programme... It is a total reset and realignment!
Welcome to country
Honouring our ancestors, Guides and Angels
Sacred Space Setting and clearing
Intentions Setting
The Chakra system
Detecting energy flow through the Chakra System

The Endocrine System
Pineal Gland wisdom
Meridians and the Elements
Meridian Yoga asana
Earth Star Meditation

Connection Meditation
Sound Healing

Shamanic Immersion
Guest speaker
Energetic closing of the space. 

High vibrational & seasonal refreshments and Lunch include
An authentic experience of returning  home. 


Our workshops are a culmination of over 25 years of experience and practice.

They include

  • Integrating energy balancing techniques into your daily practice

  • Energy pathways and Energetic bodies of the human form

  • The Chakra system

  • The Meridian system

  • The Endocrine System 

  • The effects of energy blockages through the chakra and meridian systems

  • Techniques, super foods, products and practices to clear energies

  • The endocrine/chakra system connection

  • The effects of chemicals and toxins on the endocrine system

  • Energetic Protection

  • Tools for clearing and balancing

  • Grounding and energising meditations

  • Food as Medicine

  • Sound Healing 

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