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Temple Byron

August 21 & 22


“One cannot be whole without a complete understanding of their entirety and potential.” – Danielle Gigante 



 A full weekend immersion designed to take you on a journey through your energetic bodies

Created to bring energetic practices into everyday life. Perfect for those who are energetically aware, therapists or anyone wanting to enhance their understanding of how to clear, connect, and protect themselves. 

More than a wellness programme... It is a total reset and realignment!



Welcome to country
Honouring our ancestors, Guides and Angels
Sacred Space Setting and clearing
Intentions Setting
The Chakra system
Detecting energy flow through the Chakra System

The Endocrine System

Pineal Gland wisdom
Meridians and the Elements
Meridian Yoga asana
Earth Star Meditation

Connection Meditation
Sound Healing

Shamanic Immersion

Guest speaker
Energetic closing of the space. 


High vibrational & seasonal refreshments and Lunch include
An authentic experience of returning  home. 

Resonate Connection Programme in depth


Ancient wisdom sharing, Holistic self care, Sacred self honouring 


Born out of the intention to educate individuals about their personal energies and energetic bodies, the Resonate Connection Programme is designed to assist participants in understanding how to access and clear personal,  physical and self limiting blockages. 


Through the clearing process we are able to unlock and fully discover our unlimited potential. Once we begin to understand our potential, we can identify with our soul purpose and realign ourselves to create the lives we were meant to live.  


By focusing on our vibrational health and an awareness of our mental limitations, we are better able to access our spiritual and energetic nature, enabling us to operate from a space of entirety of mind, body and spirit.

Conducted in a safe, supportive and nurturing group environment, the Resonate Connection Programme takes participants on a two day inward journey. Individuals are taught new skills and tools to assist in personal self management. By learning how to bring one’s self back to centre, we are able to re-ground ourselves and realign our mind, body and spirit amidst the chaos of every day life in order to achieve and maintain inner peace. 

Workshop Content 

Smudging Ceremony

The earth provides us with powerful plants whose purpose is clear our energy field. We create a sacred circle and clear each individual with Sage, Palo Santo & feather fans, calling on the elements to create a clear the space to begin our immersion

Welcome to Country 

We open with a traditional Welcome To Country ceremony conducted by our local Indigenous custodians, the Bundjalung Arakwal Dubay (Arakwal women)

 Through ceremony we honour the land on which we walk upon and invite our ancestors to support our growth and expansion to activate and connect us with with our grounding an

The Self

Our Self is effectively our deepest aspect, we define the difference between our mental & ego's voice and return to Self before we start the programme. We connect with each other by witnessing ourSelf in the eyes of our fellow patrons

Sacred space and intention Setting  

In this session we create a sacred container, we clear the space in our environment & our own energy field. We learn how energy flows through the body, we establish our connection to earth & celestial energies and we start the process of clearing through Breathwork, light work & then set our intentions

Program participants are guided in creating a sacred space, together we call in the support of the elementals, the directions, our ancestors, guides and angels. We collaborate to create and honour a sacred mandala, to ground, connect and centre us. Our attention is drawn to, and we become aware of the energy points above and below us as we acknowledge our personal energy field (our earth star and soul star). Throughout the workshops and in our day to day lives moving forward, we use these points to anchor, support, clear and ground all aspects of our being.

The Chakra system 

The 7000 year old Vedic wisdom of the energetic bodies. The power boxes of our body and the record keepers of our entire existence 

The Meridian system 

Ancient Chinese medicine generated by the organs flowing around the physical body connection us to the earth elements. It is essentially our energetic wiring 

The Endocrine System

Intrinsically linked to the chakra system and the physical connection to our energy/spirit.

The Subtle or Luminous Energy Body

The energy generated by the chakra, meridian & physical atoms  creating an energetic field around the body. This energy is transferable and can be penetrated by opposing energies


Also covered in this session

The effects of energy blockages on the chakra and meridian systems and what it feels like to have a blockage

Tools & practices for daily balance & protection

Techniques, super foods & products to clear energies 

Changes and staying balanced

The endocrine/chakra system connection  

The power of the Pineal gland, methods to decalcify and its importance

The effects of chemicals, heavy metals and toxins on the endocrine system

Energetic Protection creative energetic breath work and visualisations to protect the energy field 

How to integrate energy balancing techniques into your daily practice - discussions on ritual cleansing on a daily basis through breath work and intention setting


There is a mediation on both days, we integrate the wisdom of the chakra & meridian systems and further clear through those pathways throughout the meditations. They are deeply grounding and integrating experiences

Food as medicine 

This session focuses on the importance of seasonal & locational eating

We discuss how food affects our cellular vibration.

We reference traditional Ayurvedic & macrobiotic principles of seasonal foods available to us to balance and energise

This is Included and demonstrated in the Morning tea and Lunch served at the workshop

Sound healing 

Sound healing is used to assist with the integration of the energy work done during the previous workshop sessions by the process of Entrainment

Shamanic Immersion

Our professional shamanic practitioner takes us on a deep & ancient soul journey via sound and wisdom sharing guiding you back to your Self


The Resonate Connection Programme aims to provide participants with practical knowledge and guidance to further assist with understanding all the aspects of the energetic being, inclusive of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual balance - Whole-istic (holistic) 

The ultimate intention for all who attend this program is to depart with an enhanced sense of SELF, a sacred toolkit of personal practices, skills and knowledge to better maintain, clear, connect and protect your energetic bodies.

 The Connection Programme 2021 - Rescheduled date - STILL SOLD OUT
23 Oct 2021, 8:15 am AEDT – 24 Oct 2021, 5:30 pm AEDT
Temple Byron,
46 Melaleuca Dr, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia
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