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Crystal Bowl sound healing promotes deep relaxation, clears your energy field & restores vitality

The tones create changes to the anatomical body by raising the vibration of the atoms & entraining the brain waves to a particular frequency which in turn allows the release of heavy energy & clears mental clutter.  This experience can be felt through the entire body as it heals on a cellular level.

Sound healing can also be included in any treatment to enhance the results, I highly recommend choosing a sound healing with your energy work session.

I include sound healing in my monthly meditation experience.

Book a sound healing to bring a sacred element to your next event or simply to enjoy the benefits with your family & friends.

To book a private individual or private group Meditation, Sound healing, Breath work or Medicine Journey

Individual Sessions & small groups can be facilitate at Resonate HQ or at your location of choice

Large groups will be facilitated at your location


Experiences include:

* Crystal Bowl Sound Journeys

* Meditation Journey

* Breath work classes

* Breath work Medicine Journey

Please note:

Sound Healing, meditation & Breath work sessions can be booked individually or as a combined experience. 

 Group sessions require a minimum of 4 people.

Purchase Meditations 

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