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In a word, Danielle's Connection Programme was 'Remarkable'. 


I felt perfectly planted amongst the right people, in the right place, at the right time. The weekend event in Byron was paradise and coinciding with celebrating a birthday made it even more special for me. It was the perfect gift to myself to mark a new adventure around the sun.


The agenda was fascinating and I'm grateful for the takeaway workbook. I've reflected much over the learnings and notes we made. I absorbed loads about energy, the chakras and endocrine system, pineal gland, meridians and elements. I adored my first forages into Kundalini and Ki yoga as well as the blissful crystal bowl sound healing and shamanic journey. 


The information has proven invaluable since participating in the programme and I better understand my body as a result. 


Danielle attracted a beautiful group and wisely guided us through the weekend with intention, grace, intuition and huge connection. She is a gifted and powerful healer and I feel extremely thankful for the opportunity to have attended. I'm excited to attend another Resonate Therapy event soon!

~ Kate Quinn

Abundant Gratitude

Attending "The Connection Programme" workshop felt safe, supported, scientific and sacred. Danielle has studied and assimilated an abundance of the ancient wisdoms over many years (probably lifetimes) Her delivery of deep knowledge grounded in science and fact was insightful and affirming. Some were experiencing for the first time whilst others were re-connecting with the powerful and profound array of tools and practices that are the true gifts that when, integrated into daily living - assist in our lives being more purposeful and have less stress. I cannot recommend attending the Connection Programme highly enough - Danielle has gathered a potent community of healers and teachers in their own right, to collaborate in her offering of this powerful Life affirming program. The work she and her collaborators are doing is so important for our planet and humanity at this time. Abundant Thanks and Blessings Danielle


~ Barbara Behal

Resonate Therapy Byron Bay

Danielle brings an amazing energy, a 'one of a kind' skill set and deep knowledge while making you feel comfortable and empowered. Her body treatments are beyond 'a great massage' and are a beautiful experience of their own. Danielle has added so much value to my yoga retreats and group classes.

~ Patty Perlman 

 I had the honour of being a part of Danielle's energy workshop last December. At first I wasn't sure what to expect being a newcomer to spiritual practice, but Danielle's grounded and practical approach to working with energy was refreshing and more importantly, accessible. Danielle is a formidable female force yet equally comforting and gentle and, wonderfully, not without a sense of humour. Without ego, she freely shares her knowledge and experiences and supports students to ask questions and be true to their own spiritual journey. The workshop moves forward organically, and has a feeling of spontaneity and sacredness. I left the workshop feeling empowered, inspired and joyful. I feel blessed to have this spiritual mother in my life. Thank you Danielle xx

~ Sara Francis


The Connection Program workshop was incredible! Danielle you are such a gift! I feel deeply honoured to have had the opportunity to learn from Danielle at this workshop.

She delivered knowledge and skills in a uniquely grounding way in which I truely believe everyone could benefit from in their life.

Beautiful tools which can be used in daily life to empower you to be the best you and live a life of joy.


Thank you so so much Danielle- this has been life changing for me. I am so grateful to have been able to take part in this amazing weekend. 


~ Emma Bracken


I feel like a new Me after I attended one of Danielle's Workshops for the Second time on the weekend of December 9th.
What an absolute Joy!
And I can tell you for the second time, it was just as informative, Healing, rejuvenating, nurturing as the first time.

I have attended many workshops similar to this in the past, but not many can hold a Sacred Space like Danielle can.
Not only is she one of the most Divine Space holders I know, she is also an incredible Facilitator, and a True Healer.

Upon further reflection, what truly makes her workshops so special and unique, is because not only does she work with Tools of Energy, Meditation, Yoga, Sound Healing; she also delivers Ancient informative Knowledge and information on various Topics, that are also very important tools for us in these Busy and sometimes Stressful times we live in.
In which we simply forget, to reconnect to ourselves.

She delivers all of this Wisdom, in a very Safe and Nurturing Space. You are held lovingly, and Supported to move through what ever you are feeling. 

So I guess I can pretty much say, that Danielle definitely creates a safe and Beautiful Gateway for all who attend. 
A Gateway to the discovery of who we really are. 
Our Higher selves. Our highest Potentials.

Her Offerings are profound - for this I am certain.
Her Craft and Medicine; Potent.
She is a Force that offers and Aligns much, and reminds us that we are the Key to our very own Healing.

For me her Workshops are very Powerful Remembering, and integration of what has flowed through me since I was a little girl. She just reminds me to remember who I am. To keep connecting all the Dots.
She leaves me with a deep sense of reconnection to myself - & a Fulfilment within me, which is very Comforting.

I cannot recommend her, and her Work highly enough. And I could not be more Grateful for what she does. It's a privilege to Witness her Magic in motion.

So if my words trigger something within you, and you wish to explore what I have said further; then I shall see you at the May 2018 Workshops. 

I will definitely be attending.
Wouldn't miss it for the World.


- Sonia Leeson

I have met Danielle only once but she was definitely one of those people you remember for life. Since then I have referred her to many people as a healer with knowledge beyond her craft.  As someone who has never meditated, in only 1 hour she enlightened my curiosity towards meditation and it's benefits (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).  She teaches with so much detail and history, references globally and scientifically.  I would recommend her to anyone curious to begin their knowledge on meditation and healing, or anyone pursuing their practice further.  A very down to earth and amazing woman I look forward to collaborating with in other projects.


~ Boyana Popvassilev

Danielle is such an amazing person, so much soul, empathy and connection to everything she does.  I have been lucky enough to have Danielle as a masseuse at various retreats that I have been on and the massages have been truly amazing.  She always goes above and beyond, sharing interpretations of your body’s energy and working with it and through it.  She is incredible at what she does and I strongly recommend her services :)

~ Warren Swanston


With a clear mind and a pure heart Danielle nurtures women to rise up in her healing and insightful workshops. I particularly loved Danielle's meditations that gleam with pure clarity and awakening.


- Mel Dobra xoxo

I feel truly honoured and grateful to have participated in the amazing 'Connection and Integration' workshop last weekend. Danielle shared her wealth of wisdom and healing gifts through engaging talks and practical exercises. It was great to learn practices to use in everyday life. Everyone agreed that it was a truely magical weekend. I left feeling grounded and nurtured and am already looking forward to Danielle's next workshop. 

- Helen Nutall


Thank you so much for your healing services! What a wonderful treat, I would like you to know, It really had a beautiful impact, after the treatment we both felt removed and more aware of our energetic fields... it was the perfect medicine after such huge energy clearings Prior ... the treatment really helped us to realign to the new frequencies and find more space within. I could say so much more about the whole energetic ride, but to say the least I have arrived to a place where I love being me, in my own skin for the first time in my entire life! Finally I can appreciate the journey it took to arrive here and what a blessing it has been! Deeply grateful!
Much love

- ❤️ Delahrose 🙏🏻✨

“Danielle created a warm, safe, friendly space and I felt immediately calm and excited for the weekend ahead. I just adore her energy and passion for inspiring connection within and with each other. 

Surrounded by luscious gardens, almost seeming remote to anything, felt very special. I really appreciated Danielle's extensive ancient knowledge on combined areas including the chakras, health, meridians and yoga which were all intertwined beautifully. I feel super inspired to continue looking after myself in many ways.

The meditations and Cacao ceremony were Euphoric and each journey was special.


I feel expanded and energised after completing the program surrounded by lovely people in a heavenly environment. 

I will certainly be continuing the practices and look forward to returning to Danielle’s events again soon."

- Brooke


Online Meditation & Visioning Session

Every now and then you meet someone with an authentic gift. Danielle did a remote energy balance on 3 personal relationships during our hour session together. Our initial chat set the intentions and her astute language primed the direction. Her visual energetic guidance held me engaged in experiencing a very clear journey as we focused on these people dear to my heart. During our time together, and afterwards whilst I integrated everything, I felt deeply held and connected. It’s been golden to observe these 3 relationships since our session and how I’m feeling clearer and lighter since then. I’ll be checking back in with Danielle to guide me through a wash and rinse cycle again soon.  So helpful and I adore her ease of connecting in. 

Barbara Behal

Thank you so much for today beautiful woman.
I feel lighter and clearer and happier :) xo

~ Jodie Maddison

Danielle is a true alchemist of healing. She weaves her wisdom and holds space and resonates with you and what you are needing at each moment of your journey, just as the name of her business suggests.

Danielle is a sage of the inner ‘work’ walking, guiding, teaching and attuning  to your healing journey. 

I have been seeing Danielle over the last four years,  and have come to a place where my anxiety, blocks and ‘mess’  from past trauma, have started to transmute and come full circle and this is a testament to her Divine abilities, deeper knowing. Thank you beautiful lady 

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