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Danielle's path in the healing realms started with her innate knowledge of touch and awareness of energy. 

From a young age she intuitively knew where people held their pain and would lay her hands on those in need.  

She is gifted with the ability to see and feel energy defining her empathic sensitivity as a modern day seer.  Throughout her teenage years, she developed a fascination for ancient modalities and anthropology seeking to further understand her inherent abilities.

Her educational journey into body work commenced at the Australasian College of Natural Therapies where she completed Diplomas in Aromatherapy & Remedial Therapies.

Over the following years, her experience in these modalities was realised whilst managing, concocting and massaging in prominent Aromatherapy stores and later working with cutting edge Chiropractors throughout Sydney enhancing her understand of the nervous and skeletal systems.  

She has also completed studies in Yoga instruction, personal training and aerobics instruction which deepened her understanding of Anatomy and Physiology. To build on her existing qualifications, she went on to study other modalities such as Thought field therapy, Hot Stones massage, Pregnancy massage, Indian Head massage, Reflexology, Ki yoga, Meridians and Food as medicine. 

Her fascination with the energetic bodies was supported with the spiritual wisdom of Parapsychology and energy medicine.  She graduated from the Australian Academy of Parapsychology in 1998. 

This right of passage reconnected her with her soul's purpose

She created Resonate Therapy as a professional platform 

which continues today as a highly regarded multi-levelled treatment & education provider.

These days she is a very successful Massage Therapist, Energy healer, Meditation Instructor, Crystal sound bowl healing & Workshop & Blessing way facilitator in Byron Bay and throughout Australia

Her craft integrates knowledge of the physical and energetic bodies to create a uniquely restorative treatment designed to facilitate profound changes and activations within each individual. 

She teaches one on one and group meditations. 

Her Connection and Integration Programs were born out of a culmination of knowledge in her practiced modalities.

Her passion for sharing her knowledge of the healing arts is palpable, the information she shares is a must for anyone on their healing journey!

Her latest offering, Breath work Medicine Journey incorporates her passions, yoga, breath work, ceremony and medicine work. This experience creates space for the participant to release dormant heavy energy for greater freedom from ptsd, depression & anxiety and to connect to Bliss!


“Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.” – Rumi

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