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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

We are in the season of Virgo with the new moon in Virgo right on the heals of the Spring Equinox!

This ushers in the perfect time to spring clean yourself!! This is the time of expansion out of the chill of winter where we blossom into Spring! This time of year brings so much beauty! To create a clear space mentally, clear our homes, waking up the senses with sweet scents and stretching into our deep inner seams to give our bodies more space! Expansion feels so good!

So we ebb and flow with the seasonal nature of our bodies, we contract and expand just throughout the year to allow our natural flow...

Some people come into this season with low energy, lack of motivation and generally feeling unclear and out of sync with themselves. The answer lies within our energy pathways....

My deepest understanding of this is instinctive, which is inherently within all living creatures, the plants and animals of the planet know when to be dormant and how to allow their bodies to regenerate and they know when to blossom and awaken, humans however, tend to keep pushing... whether its cold or hot, raining or windy, we keep going against the grain of what our bodies need to be in their power throughout the seasons.

We are nature but we don't behave like it!

The gift of resting, eating winter foods and conserving energy throughout winter is that we blossom in Spring!

This season represents the element of Wood and the meridians are Liver and Gall Bladder

Yes these organs have an important job to do, filtering, detoxifying and creating nutrition from what we choose to ingest physically but they also do that emotionally... All our organs hold emotion, this is why we have such huge releases when we detox or find ourselves in tears during a yoga class (as an example) Its all connected and even if you do not wish to do full detoxes throughout the year, you can support the balance by working with the wisdom of your meridian and chakra systems to at least move the emotional energy that may be stagnant and to charge the organ with energy!

Liver is our vision, how clearly we can see where we are going, it also contains suppressed anger. It controls our joints and our eyes. As we start to expand into Spring, we can feel emotional, angry and unclear in our direction. There are ways of clearing the liver, of course a liver detox is a great thing to do at this time of year but you can also do some meridian clearing yoga postures to boost your liver energy! This meridian runs deep into the inside seam of your legs and can be accessed by sitting in a wide leg posture, reaching for the toes with arms over head will give you that stingy line that activates the liver line, twisting joints and postures that involve twisting your body will also assist you to clear the liver.

The taste for this time of year is Sour & Astringent, these tastes will clear mucus buildup created by winter flu's and dairy overloads! Black tea, pomegranate, buckwheat (rather than grains) lemon in warm water, Kim chi, pickled veg, Kombucha and ferments are perfect right now, somehow we start to crave them, listen to what you feel like eating, it is what you need right now, your body will always tell you..

The Gallbladder represents our need to control, our resentment and internal vision, how we see ourselves which also governs how we see others! This meridian runs down the side seams of the body and head. It often feels like a tree trying to bend as we awaken this meridian but stretching deeply into our sides freeing our self restriction and giving ourselves (and others) room to move and expand into spring!

These organs sit around our solar plexus chakra, our control and direction zone of the body so you can see that its all about freeing ourselves through our energy pathways to accurately feel into the right direction for us, free of anger and resentment, free of triggers and blockages that hold us in a place of rigidity and control! Seeing the fullest expression of possibilities and potential, seeing the beauty in our environment and within ourselves!

Seasonal living is the key to a balanced life, each part of us represents a part of our beautiful Mother Earth, she shares her wisdom with us at all times, we just need to understand, be clear and to hear it!

Breath in this beautiful season, side stretch & twist your body, allow yourselves to expand and enjoy the beauty that you are!

Once you are feeling clearer, create a private ceremony for yourself!

Spring Ritual To honour your vision for the coming season, use your favourite crystals and flowers to create a mandala, put on your favourite mantra or spirit song, breath deeply through your being until you let go of your thoughts then take yourself into a deep place of self honouring, visualise your hearts intent for all aspects of you, your heart, mind, body and spirit. See them all coming together and growing through you like a beautiful flower blossoming into your most beautiful self, say a prayer for our beautiful Mother Earth in gratitude of all she provides us and teaches us for you are her and she is you!




December 9th & 10th

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