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The Spaces Between

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

New moons usher in renewal, this new moon blog gives permission to allow the spaces between and stop trying to fill every moment with something! Breaking the illusion of always having to DO!

Inspired by the multitude of clients, family and friends who never stop!

Quite often I work on people who are on the edge of burnout, if not already there,

I find myself giving those people permission to just be and it is often received with a perplexed look of confusion and explanations as to why they cannot possibly stop or even allow themselves downtime just yet...

Having been there myself, I see the signs clearly & understand the long road back from adrenal burnout

The collective practice/program of pushing ourselves has happen over centuries, not days.... born of war mentality, global business and the ramping up of what is required of us to survive financially!

Sadly it has slowly become the norm to keep pushing and keep soldiering on to the point that we are now so out of touch with what our bodies are telling us we can't even read our own signals to stop...

Unfortunately our physical bodies have not evolved to keep up with the pace, our cortisol levels are constantly triggering adrenal responses even when there are no lions to run from!

This constant pressure is seriously damaging the wellbeing of humanity

The fact that we could possibly just need to slow down and allow ourselves restoration is now something that provokes feelings of failure or a discomfort in that space... so we keep generating and creating work for ourselves instead of allowing the natural ebb and flow that is presenting for us to receive.

In a time when we have so much information on health and wellbeing, I find this disconnection from our own deepest needs concerning. We can see the results of this behaviour in the multitude of health issues arising on the planet.

Consistently working, striving, strategising and planning our futures & even our children's futures, takes us so far away from our present needs, we are constantly in the future, not in the now...

We can only deeply listen to our individual needs in the now, be present with yourself, ask yourself... What is it that I need right now?

You will probably see it in NEON!

There are always going to be times in life for rejuvenation & rest.... allow them!

These are the spaces between projects, relationships, events, life changes, inspiration, even spaces between jobs

Allow them with your whole being when they present

They are precious gifts not failures

Most find it so hard to accept those times...? Just as the earth has her seasons, so indeed, do we... we don't question winter when all goes into incubation and stasis but we find it so difficult to allow it for ourselves

The spaces between what was and what is being dreamt into your reality, they are times for clearing and reflecting. Space to address what needs your attention

Once we accept that it is just a programme, a collective belief that we need to consistently be doing, then we can reclaim our right to BE....


These times are there to allow you to recuperate and rebuild your energy, to rest your adrenals, calm your nervous system and to integrate all that has been. It is precious downtime for our body, mind and heart

So many look at them as voids instead of receiving them and relishing in them

This mentality must change for us to accept all that we are and to thrive!

These times are vital. We have our 4 aspects to self to consider

Body, Heart, Mind & Spirit

These downtimes are for the body, heart and spirit, each with their own unique needs and intelligences.

So when you feel the need to slow down, please allow yourself to do so

This month is full of some potent astrological happenings

Venus in Scorpio Retrograde for the next 40 days is all about deep reflection of all matters of the heart & relationships, embracing the shadow and allowing the alone time to drop into deep self love creating the space to let go of shame and guilt. A time of personal growth and expansion past what was and no longer has a place at your hearts table!

Know that at this time, you are giving to the other parts of you that usually take the back seat in your psyche.

Take the time to gently reflect on past wounds around relationships, restore yourself with positive affirmations, nourishing food, balancing practices, treatments, time in nature, reading your favourite books or simply just smelling the roses as you wander through the park, lie like a lizard, allow whatever is coming up for you and BE!



Bodywork - Remedial, Relaxation, Hot Stone, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Indian Head massage


Gift Vouchers

Energy Work - Chakra rebalancing & Alignment, Breathwork, Space clearing

Crystal bowl Sound Healing

Meditation - Personalised or group meditations to ground, reconnect and restore

Blessing Ways/Circles - Sacred space for Brides, Mothers to be, Rights of passage

Retreat facilitation

Energy Workshops

Forest Bathing Workshops

Byron Experiences & Story telling


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