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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

When a movie is being filmed, we see its creation through the lens of the director, even knowing there is always much more going on behind the scenes, in the script, editing and on set. The illusion is we will only ever see the conjured outcome intended by those creating it.

Sadly the "shit show" being aired globally has got people believing they see the whole picture, when it is just a tiny lens worth...

This is creating huge dissension amongst humanity and I sometimes wonder what is worse, the personal and economic fallout from this virus or how disgracefully humanity is treating each other especially behind the safety of a screen, its deplorable!

No one but the directors of this show really know what is going on yet we consistently see people attacking and abusing each other, desperately fighting for their beliefs and adamantly claiming what is real and what is not...

The only thing that is real is systemic programming

The unprecedented draconian censorship of 2020 is strategically manipulating us back to the intended lens and mainstream narrative of despair and devastation

There are many facts and many findings external of the information control of this plandemic somewhere out there, we are just not being given access to research them

As soon as something that joins the dots is uploaded it is just a quickly removed...

All we are being shown is the same narrative world wide....

The same elite media moguls drip feeding us the normalisation of fear & separation...

Please let that statement absorb

It seems the powers that be need us to be separated not only physically but mentally and emotionally as well, lets not give them what they need!

This virus has created way more than social distancing!

Certain powers have used this time to create huge division by opposing opinions amongst families, friends, communities and countries

An all too familiar control strategy

Divided we fall

More than any other time in history it is important to find our centre to feel into the picture being projected vs the actual behind the scenes reality.

Having authentic connections with others doesn't mean we all have to agree or have the same opinions. Our diversity of education and different perspectives are the very freedoms that should be revered as sacred human rights.

Being emotionally well enough to hold space while another shares their perception without defensiveness or feeling personally attacked.

This ability is often only found in those who have really done some deep clearing of old fear based programs and are working on a sensory level

The vast majority have forgotten how to have a simply discussion or to share insights and understandings to the detriment of ever learning anything new or seeing through a different lens...

The way humanity is communicating with each other is emotionally and spiritually retarded and social media platforms have become slaying matches behind the anonymity of a keyboard and screen

Not surprising when we consider the mainstream role models we've had through systemic programming for the past century, those watched and followed through common media platforms..

Since the beginning of media, we've witnessed this emotionally retarded behaviour politics, religion, high society, economics and all the places where the power people play out their agendas

Centuries of witnessing those in power behave this way has now become "normal" behaviour for society... but it is not our normal default

What IS normal is how children behave... they love and care for each other and nature...

Our inherent nature is to love as babies do when they come into the world

Our very design is to reach out & connect despite the differences

Humanity is suffering from such a huge case of abandonment and separation

division now seems normal, the masses have slowly been programmed to accept the fact that we are separate and now unfortunately most have emotional incapabilities and have lost the ability to listen objectively

The most upsetting aspect of this time is witnessing and experiencing the separation amongst us due to differing opinions and perceptions of what is going on in the world

It's easier for people to judge, discriminate, persecute, exclude, even bully to create their own comfort zone in the programmed matrix than to venture into authentic exchange of information and connection... cognitive dissonance, born of fear, is tearing us away from our fellow humans

Truth is we are all living our reality through different lenses and this makes our existence fascinating, do we want to be come programmed drones believing all that is presented to us by a select few who discern our education, our media or what goes into our bodies and minds?

I trust the information that comes my way because my resonance attracts it, we are magnetic to our beliefs, it is our personal responsibility to look into what triggers us and do the clearing to find the truth of the matter..

These insights, perceptions and views are meant to be shared or what is the point of having conversations at all

If we are all blocking each others lens how do we ever learn and evolve?

None of what is happening out there is surprising, neither is how it has all come to a head at this time in history.

Creating Separation is all we are hearing about on mainstream media, the main narrative being to subliminally and outwardly drip fed judgements on all who have unique and critical thinking and chose to live in freedom

But this subliminal programming has been happening way before this pandemic, its been happening for centuries

How do we discern how we really FEEL about what we are seeing and hearing through the mainstream everyday. This constant bombardment of negativity is slowly breaking down immunity and community

If there is anything that should be coming out of these dire times it is that we become closer, support each other more and have a deep appreciation of being together

I believe in Humanity, I believe we are evolving into our fullest capacity and returning to the advanced civilisations we were in yesteryear

This means we are becoming capable of sensory insights, we are using all of our intelligences which enable us to feel the truth and to think outside of the boxes created to keep humans limited and small

Our bodies, hearts and spirits talk to us all day

Yet most only listen to the script and programs of the mind when it makes much more sense to question the narrative and feel into what is true for you

This is a time where we have a choice to become what we have been slowly programmed to become, controlled by a small group of elites with centuries long agendas pertaining to these times or we can utilise more of ourselves enough to become the sensory beings we truly are

We are way more than the programs of the mind... we are sensory channels of light and we have access to infinite wisdom when we are clear.

Higher self, higher understanding, choosing kindness and compassion

Draw your energy from the centre of the universe and anchor it to the centre of the earth

That is your vertical space of truth and being

All action taken then comes from there...

At this time in our evolution it is all about utilising your fullest capabilities as human beings and coming back to the understanding of your all knowing SELF.

Your higher self gives you access to everything and everyone, opening your understanding of your energetic anatomy, your chakra and meridian systems, your energetic bodies

Come join us at Temple Byron 19th & 20th September to access yours


The Connection Programme - 19th & 20th September - Temple Byron

This workshop is designed to lift your frequency like no other! Heres a peak at our program

Day 1

Our traditional Arakwal Custodians - Welcome to country and Bunyarra Dancers

Flowing into our Smudging ceremony

Sacred space & intention setting

Wisdom sharing on the Chakra system

Chakra Meditation

Food as medicine with Karen Burge who is a plant based diet expert, she will be sharing the health benefits of hemp and sharing some recipes and we get to eat the results!

Numerology Wisdom

Crystal Sound bowl healing

Day 2

Wisdom sharing on the Meridian System

Meridian Meditation

Food as medicine - The benefits of Seasonal eating

Shamanic Immersion with Peter Bowden, he will be guiding us into his 7 Generations meditation taking us deep into our lineage and introducing us to our Grandmothers 7 gens back... powerful!

Closing of our sacred circle

All this for just $450 (before 19th August)

We are almost at capacity so secure your place asap by visiting

Be assured that we are creating a safe and hygienic container for workshop. To follow distancing protocols we will be honouring the 1.5mtr distance within our circles and for all meditations, yoga classes and sound healing. All monies will be refunded if anything changes and we are unable to go ahead.

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