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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Big gratitude for your support and encouragement through the initial stages of getting my new website launched and happening!

I want to welcome you all to Resonate Therapy, it is way more than massage and treatments, it's a place you can come to be inspired to release the trauma you have or are experiencing and to learn new tools to be happier and more balanced.

I have spent years working through my own trauma, doing the work, releasing and finding new tools to expand and grow because the last thing I wanted in life was ground hog day of misery! We have so many gifts to share and enjoy, if we just peal back the layers of programming, trauma and stories we tell ourselves, our potential is limitless and I intend to explore mine and share the knowledge along the way.

I am opening this arena for all of you who want to expand your knowledge and utilise all of your potential! We live in challenging times, the pressures are great for everyone on the planet, but it doesn't have to diminish your shine or your power.

There is so much to talk about it's hard to know where to start but my heart is telling me to start with gratitude! When we speak of gratitude it is usually because we have received something or something great is happening in our lives. I discovered gratitude in my lowest moments, when I felt I had no one and nothing, when my heart was at her heaviest and my mind was full of negative thoughts.

At the time I was into Hip Hop music and there was one line in a song I loved, it was...


So I wrote all the negatives down, next to them I wrote the complete opposite and in my mind, I reversed it! Sounds complicated..? Well, it wasn't! Fake it till you make it and it works, our minds are like a computer, they remember what we tell ourselves everyday and that then becomes a program we play over and over again until it becomes our reality!

So...I started to change the program!

It was one of the greatest epiphanies of my life...

It gave me back my power and helped me understand that I had control of my thoughts, that they were not real and I could change them whenever I liked. It was my choice, they were just like a computer program running through its history complete with pop ups that were driving me mad and making me sad, so they had to go! This was the beginning of my journey with energy, where we put our energy creates a ripple effect. It is science really, our brains play out the thoughts, the brain then releases the chemicals that make us feel it in our bodies then our energy fields attract what we are thinking and feeling, like a magnet!

This is why like attracts like, misery loves company or we attract the type of people who hurt us or drive us mad or sad over and over again OR it can work in the exact same way for our positive thoughts!

Since starting this practice, I witnessed a huge change in the people and cliental I attracted into my life, the experiences I have and the fulfilment I receive.

This now flows into every aspect of my life, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual!

It was a liberating awakening and it gave me back my power!

I found gratitude throughout that journey and eventually started to honour my pain and trauma I had experienced for the empowering tools and freedom I had gained by experiencing it!

It was the gift on the other side!

When we see people praying, reciting or singing mantras, they are in a sacred place of gratitude!

These days I flip and reverse those thoughts in a split second and my reality has never been better, the more you practice it the quicker you can avoid venturing into those dark places that lead to depression, anxiety, self medicating with your indulgence of choice or attracting more of what you don't want into your life, the choice is yours, it just takes practice!

The 3 gratitude practices I use daily are:

1) Put it in perspective, I look my dilemma/issue and consider the fact that there are plenty of people on the planet who are way worse of than me, is my problem worth the stress I am creating for myself.... NO! This takes me into a place of empathy and gratitude!

2) Look at the beautiful people or places in my world for e.g. my son, partner, family, pets, friendships, garden, beach etc, I am instantly grateful!

3) Think about the times when I didn't have the quality of life I enjoy today. Gratitude

You can adapt these to anything you love and appreciate having, it's all relative to what you value and wouldn't want to be without!

In my workshops, I will be guiding through these practices and assisting with any blocks you may have,there is always a way, no matter what the trauma or belief.

The 1st step "Gratitude" is the key to working with the law of attraction, it is the place of knowing, you are in control, not your mind, negative feelings lead to powerlessness, Gratitude leads to grace and power.

The key word for achieving balance, and thus Gratitude, is Practice!


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