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The Power of Somatic Release

Updated: Apr 21

Somatic therapy works under the precinct that your life experiences are stored not only in your mind but also in your body. By comprehensively focusing on both the physical sensations in your body while discussing the issues, we can better identify where the trauma is stored. Using a variety of modalities, it's possible to bring the stored energy to the surface to be released. My preferred Somatic therapy technique is the combination of Breath work & Plant medicine.

Never more in our history have we witnessed such a rise in consciousness. Most people are very aware of their blocks and traumas and are proactively working on freeing themselves to be more connected to their heart, true path and potential. The need to shift trauma, limiting beliefs and habits that are held in the body, is necessary for our evolution as a species.  We are becoming lighter as is the planet so the heaviness needs to be released from the cellular body to hold more light. The consciousness is rising, to me it feels like the ebb & flow of the ocean tides, sometimes so full and powerful then distant but always there working with the energies of the collective. The vast energetic resource that is available to us if we are willing to do the work. It doesn't necessarily need to be a long drawn out psychological process, by simply working with certain modalities & the current high frequency energy coming onto the planet, the body & heart are able to purge the old energy allowing our atoms to resonate at a higher frequency.

When we are vibrating at this level, our innate spiritual wisdom is easy to access.

Peruvian cosmology, the Kali Yuga, the Age of Aquarius, The return of the Golden era, the return of Christ, all prophesies of this time of evolution, all this represents is the end of a cycle and a new energetic configuration. We are experiencing huge shift in the cosmos enabling more photonic light to flood the planet lifting the frequency of everything & everyone on it. If you are carrying heavy energy, these light codes are very uncomfortable. The inability to assimilate the higher frequency light manifests as feelings of anxiety, confusion, lethargy and many more strange symptoms. These feelings block the radiant energy available to us. It's not surprising the common narrative of these times is all about trauma, depression, PTSD and anxiety. These mental health issues block human evolution. Unfortunately the common treatment is pharmaceuticals which also create heavy energy and more often than not compound the blocks.

Whether consciously or unconsciously people are very aware of the need to release what is holding them back.

I know this sounds woo woo but it's actually quantum in nature. Frequency and raising vibration raises consciousness.

To be in the highest energy and vitality requires understanding ENERGY. How it is stored in the body, how to build it, move it, be responsible for it and how to release it.

When heavy energy gets stuck, it creates dross in the body, heart & mind. This stuck energy leads to lethargy & boredom and keeps us in stasis. It eventually will lead to dis-ease or depression because humans thrive on our vitality! Once our energy gets this low, it's difficult to create change in our lives or to even simply let go of something that's had its time and place. If you have found yourself in this heavy place, it is time to work with stronger practices, therapies and tools.

Sometimes we just need help breaking the program, thats where Somatic work comes in. Soma means "Living Body". Somatic work is an umbrella term that basically focuses on the Body/Mind connection. Somatic work is enhanced when combined with plant medicine to help keep the mind from over processing so the body can move the energy through more easily, ultimately enabling a better connection between the two. Some plant medicines have the incredible ability of forming new pathways in the brain creating left & right brain synergy. This level of balance is at the core of Alchemy.

Forming new pathways in the brain breaks the looping thoughts and gives access to the presence required to release as the emotion emerges.

Habitually doing the same thing over a period of time forms neural pathways. Like taking the same way to work everyday, the mind will create a loop that feels impossible to change. The neural pathways create looping habitual thoughts that then create chemical responses in the body, the body then stores memory, the memory creates dense energy and blocks movement both physically and mentally. It can be debilitating for some people when they know the choices they are making every day are not allowing growth but can't stop what they are doing. Letting go of pain, disappointment and all the other heavy emotions is possible. Breathwork and plant medicine are the swiftest bio hack to create new pathways in the brain and to release the limiting body memory or trauma.

There are other mindset tools we can work with as well as these powerful somatic therapies. Becoming lighter also requires a shift in mind set, being grateful & visualising the future you desire whilst feeling it like its already present in your life not only improves mental health also raises the vibration of your physical body.

Being ready and willing to let go is the first step. Understanding that life is a series of deaths and rebirths, this is something that most of us chose not to even think about until we are in the middle of a death phase. The death phase doesn't come out of no where, we are usually feeling the end of something well before it starts to deconstruct before our eyes. There will always be signs, gut instincts and other indications popping up around us as one aspect of our personal or professional life is dying.

This is the perfect time to receive somatic therapy.

The important thing is to recognise things are changing, to me its like sensing "The winds of change." Embracing the death phase with curiosity whilst also allowing the grief... now that is mastery! The only one constant in life is change, for the new to be born, the old must die so why resist it?

Once you consciously recognise something is ending, it allows the space to create a way forward but before this happens, the emotion around the change needs to be felt, expressed and witnessed to be fully integrated.

Mother Nature shows us the way, the earth is constantly moving and recalibrating, creating new life force and releasing pressure. The elements are within us too. Every day is new, but always different.

We all have the capacity to become new again every day - it's more than a choice, it's a decision backed up with commitment. Commit to your therapies, practices and tools, choose happiness in this life regardless of the pain, regardless of the injustices, disappointment and sadness. We are divine souls having an experience here on Earth and we simply need to observe and witness how we experience these earthly emotions and simply return to LOVE.

With all I have experienced, it's important for me to share the modalities that actually work and that will have a positive effect on the lives of those in need.

The most effective and swift shift available is a formula of modalities I have been working with over the past few years. My Breath work Medicine Journey is a session that releases stuck energy, shifts looping negative thoughts and feelings and creates space for more peace and contentment.

This session can be facilitated one on one or in a group setting

Please reach out if you feel you would benefit from this transformational somatic therapy.

All is in divine order

✨ Danielle ✨

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