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The ins and outs of Pranayama and Breath work

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word, it translates to "prana" meaning "vital life force", and "yama" meaning "to gain control"

Not many really understand that we have been given a self regulating tool built into our bodies. It's something we do all day, everyday...

It's called Breathing

We don't just breathe to receive oxygen to our bodies, we can change the way we breathe to improve our health, adjust how we feel, how we react and how we function in the world.

Pranayama is one of those ancient practices that is revealing itself to us in a deeper way.

With the right Breath work, we can release trauma from our atoms, still our minds, slow our heartbeat to manage anxiety and panic & we can also create a state of bliss and ecstasy.

Breathing is our inherent regulating and connecting mechanism, there for us to work with any time we choose!

The ancient Vedas knew that when we learn how to change our breathing, we gain more control over our state of being - its as simple as that!

As always, I immerse in the ancient way to trigger "remembering" in my DNA, I believe we hold all the secrets of our human potential within us. We just need to remove the mental clutter and programming to access it.

We now see so many immersing in ancient practices, organically drawn to the old ways because they are called to Remember

Humanity is evolving or as I like to say, "Returning" to our rightful potential.

As we are matter, we are of the earth and affected by the frequency shifts of the earth and

the earth conditions are changing, meaning the earths anatomical frequency is rising, we can see this in the Schumann resonance of the planet, there are regular spikes from her usual 7.83Hz

All things earth bound are cyclic, the seasons, our place in the solar system and universe, the waters of the planet and our bodies are inherently in tune with these cycles

As this Golden age of Aquarius rolls in, we can feel ourselves becoming more in sync with the cycles, our energy is shifting, our dreaming more lucid and our abilities expanding.

The more we work with these shifts, the more gifts flow our way

We do this by clearing our energy pathways, clearing trauma from our lineage with ancient practices and rituals.

I am committed to bring these ways back into the lives of those who feel called to remember their divinity and capacity to create.

The benefits of Pranayama or Breath work are

  • Reduces stress & anxiety: Activates the parasympathetic nervous system for instant calm.

  • Enhances physical health: Increases oxygen levels, boosts your immunity, and releases toxins.

  • Improves digestion: Increases blood flow to the digestive tract, improving digestion.

  • Increases happiness and self-love: Promotes awareness of the present moment, which causes a shift in perspective.

  • Improves sleep: Calms the nervous system and quiets the mind.

  • Helps with pain management: Allows your body to release endorphins, reducing sensitivity and increasing pleasure.

The Science of Pranayama or Breath work as it is commonly called, is a practice that shifts Co2 levels in the body to activate the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) to shift out of fight or flight of the sympathetic nervous system. When we adjust ourselves out of this state, our bodies and minds go into a state of repair and regeneration for greater wellbeing and peace. ALL “Breathwork” has amazing health benefits However, in light of Breathwork’s current popularity I think it’s very important to differentiate the two so those interested in ANY type of Breathwork can make an informed choice

Both have great benefits but work very differently ( and the participant’s experience is very different)

Pranayama Breathwork, also known as yoga breathing, refers to a variety of techniques that help clear the body of physical and mental blockages. It is often combined with yoga to allow for proper breath control with each movement. It can be traced back to the ancient yogis of the Himalayas and is seen as a spiritual method of cleansing the energy in your body. Pranayama can be used to relieve stress and anxiety, increase focus, increase energy, and boost the immune system.

Rebirthing Breathwork, also known as Clarity Breathwork, is another spiritually therapeutic technique that promotes joy and peace. It’s often used to access the unconscious mind to access people’s deepest thoughts and desires, help them heal from traumatic experiences, or help uncover unconscious negative memories. The goal of a Rebirthing Breathwork session is to help you build emotional strength and move forward with your life. Many courses and private, in-person sessions are available.

Holotropic Breathwork is a New Age practice used to assist in self-healing and achieving a sense of wholeness. Developed in the 1970s by Stanislav and Christina Grof, it was intended to help practitioners achieve an alternate state of consciousness for therapeutic purposes. It’s primarily used as a worldwide spiritual practice that allows people to access a higher consciousness and release negative emotions. Holotropic breathwork sessions will often be held in groups and guided by a trained facilitator to help participants achieve relaxation, stress relief, personal growth, and self-awareness.

Depending on the desired outcome, there is a breathing practice for everyone

My Breathwork offerings:

Breath work Medicine Journey

A somatic breath work experience including plant medicine 1:1 or in a group environment This immersion is a journey outside of the mental clutter to give access to the inherent intelligence of the physical and emotional bodies. It supports you to release heavy energies/trauma that is stored in the body. This creates more space for the physical body to produce energy and vitality, leaving you feeling lighter and softer. Because it is a somatic release, it removed the need to mentally process the old wounds instead simply giving them permission to be exhaled out of the body

1:1 Session

This is a 3hr session including

Holistic consultation

Chakra clearing and intention setting


Breath work

Nutritious Lunch and integration

Pranayama group sessions

This is a 1hr monthly session to familiarise yourself with the positive effects of pranayama techniques followed by a chakra breathing meditation

In this session we practice the four parts of the breath described in pranayama as:

  1. Inhalation (puraka)

  2. Internal retention (antara-khumbaka)

  3. Exhalation (rechaka)

  4. External retention (bahya-khumbaka)

Some of the pranayama breathing techniques we explore more deeply are:

Full Yogic Breath - Belly breathing

Sama Vritti - Box Breathing

Nadi Shodana - alternate nostril breathing

Bhastrika Pranayama (Bellows Breath). This is a more intense version of the breath of fire and should only be learned from an experienced teacher.

With the stress levels on the planet right now we need all our resources to stay balanced and well! Once learned, these inherent tools are free & always available to us when we need them. Join us to learn more!


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