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Creating space for holistic healing

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

This blog was inspired after receiving treatments in clinics that were ordinary and energetically grubby, its a shame because the therapists were exceptional and the experience could have been more complete.

So often we walk into a therapy room and it is nothing but clinical. The lighting is too bright, the walls covered in anatomy diagrams, maybe a struggle plant in the corner....first impressions and energies of the room are a big part of the healing experience yet so many therapist are not aware of this important factor.

As we know, healing is holistic throughout all of the bodies, physical, emotional, mental and energetic. As therapists and practitioners, we are addressing the entirety of the dis-ease. Our clients are coming to us for more than therapeutic massage, healing or whatever modality they are there for, they are coming for self care and nurturing.

Creating a space that is sensory immediately starts to active their release on a deeper level.

Creating space is a vibe, a sound, smell, colour and texture... when a client walks into your space, they are there to immerse. Not only to receive their treatment, that's a given, but to feel they have had a self care experience that leaves them feeling full throughout all of their senses.

Soft, meditation music playing as they arrive is the best way to start. Burn some oils or light a candle with a lovely natural aroma like citrus to lift your client immediately. Displaying your healing tools and products in a decorative way promotes people to ask what other treatments you offer. Having flowers and crystals around the space brings in an energy that lifts their vibe, my clients also love to see the books I've read on display and I will often refer them to one that has supported me at a particular stage of my healing and/or physical, emotional &spiritual growth. I have a few hanging plants that are thriving in my healing space that represent growth and nurturing.

The other thing that often stands out is the energy of the previous client.

Not only in the room but in the energy of the therapist, this shows me there is no Energetic hygiene happening in this space.

I feel those energies and then feel I need to clear the space energetically before my own session. As practitioners and therapists, it is our responsibility to clear the space before the next session. It is imperative to ensure there is no energy transference and also gives the therapist a moment to clear their field of the previous session. Even if you are not trained energetically, it is just a matter of releasing the previous session from your mind and giving full presence to the current client.

It is so simple to sage or use a space clearing spray to clear the space then to sit for a few moments and sweep the room energetically... in this era of energy awareness one would think that would be taught to young practitioners but I rarely feel that energetic hygiene is included in current education.

Often I notice the therapist does not take a moment to "drop in"

It's always effective to lay your hands on gently over the towel at their heart and sacrum, connect and give them permission to breathe and become present before you start the session. Allow time for them to relax and make sure you breathe & relax as well!

Spend time where they need it and add some feel good techniques into the session, its not all about no pain no gain! When you understand where the pain is in their body, it should be inherent for you to be able to nurture the emotional aspect of the location

Understanding the chakra & meridian systems will assist you to connect the dots...

Whatever therapy you are providing, its always appealing to have some beautiful products to offer your clients, I offer sage, palo Santo, feather fans, Elixir sprays, crystals and my absolute favourite, My Mate Mary Jane and Kaneh Bosm CBD rolls on and oils which are a gift from Mother Earth herself for the ultimate pain relief!

Creating a space for healing is unique to each individual - Be creative with your offerings & treatment space and show your people who you are

Danielle Gigante


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