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practices to shift heavy energy

When we experience trauma, we are simply experiencing heavy energy. Energy has polarity and magnetic force. The more we hold heavy energy, the more we attract.....

In the Andes, the Peruvian Shaman call it Hucha

Having worked with energy for so many years, this tradition really resonates with me and I work diligently to transform this energy every time I encounter it.

These maestro's believe that energy isn't negative or positive, it is simply denser or lighter energy and that all energy can become light with the right understanding of spiritual/energetic practices. They also believe Hucha doesn't start anywhere, it simply gets passed on from one person or place to the next and when we meet it, it is our responsibility to transform it back to light so it doesn't continue to be passed on.

Imagine a world where everyone had the ability to do this! We could all become masters of energy transformation and clear our personal and collective trauma as we encounter it!

I believe it is possible and am dedicated to helping people transform their heavy energy so their light can shine brightly. This is the work I do and love! It is so effective and has a powerful flow on effect.

When we are run down, overworked or stressed, it is easy to take on the heavy energies of others and not even realise it. For this reason it is so important to have daily practices to shift it & to regularly feel into what is ours and what has been transferred from others.

If we don't work with our daily practices, the heavy energy continues to build within us creating heavy feels and dis-ease AND it continues to attract more! It's so uncomfortable for people to live with this energy within them that they often project it onto others, blaming and shaming because its too heavy to carry it all themselves, others self medicate to numb or become victims to it but ultimately, it is our responsibility to SHIFT IT!

I feel we are at a time where we are all aware of how our bodies hold heavy energy, it is not in our minds, but our minds are working overtime to unpack what is happening to us and to understand why we feel the way we do.

To treat our trauma, PTSD, depression & mental health issues, western medicine guides us towards psychology and antidepressants as a tool for healing.

There is definitely an important place for psychological support to unpack the mental confusion regarding how we have been impacted in our lives and how those impacts have limited living our best possible lives. I would also suggest as a compliment to psychological work to do a gut cleanse for more clarity and to improve your immune system.

There are also other ways we can support the release of this heavy energy and it all starts in our physical and emotional bodies.

This work doesn't involve any mental activity, in fact it allows time for the other parts of you to express and release. The other bodies are Physical, emotional and Spiritual

* Breath work or pranayama are my first port of call - various breathing techniques are highly effective in calming the nervous system, adjusts the CO2 levels in the body to activate the parasympathetic nervous system & settles mental activity for the release to be activated

It involves Purak (inhalation), Kumbhak (retention), Rechak (exhalation)

My favourites are Bhastrika (Bellows breathing), Kapalabati (Skull shining breath), Sama Vritti Pranayama (Equal/square breathing) You can easily find these techniques online

* Simple Yoga postures to open the physical & emotional bodies and meridians - when we are in trauma or stress, our bodies contract - Heart & hip opening postures gently activate energy movement

* Energy clearing and balancing therapies such as Chakra balancing, Accupuncture, Cranio sacral, kinesiology, Reiki amongst many more touch for health therapies

* Ceremony - creates the sacred space, activates your spiritual body, ushers in high frequency energy and connects you with your higher self & divine guidance

* Master plant medicines - the Mother Earth provides us with all we need, these medicines have been supporting humanity for eons to connect with their divine sacred self, to remind us that everything is connected and to create new pathways in the physical brain. There is so much evidence and many peer reviews available to support this natural alternative to pharmaceuticals. They are efficient and effective energy shifters that create positive results after just one session.

* Meditation - simply breathing into the present moment and allowing all thoughts to drift away enables chemical balance within the physical body. There are many ways to meditate, none are right or wrong, simply right for you. I prefer to use my meditation time to balance my energy centres and clear my field to then vision my reality in its most productive and joyful state. I also guide my meditation classes this way

The whole point of all of these practices is to create the space to reconnect to your SELF & away from the mental constructs and programs that keep us looping in our trauma. These practices create a strong connection between body, heart and spirit enabling us to intuit our experiences from a higher perspective. When we do this we are truly operating from our entirety instead of just our trauma. We can see our experiences are neither good or bad but simply our blueprint for growth, deeper connection to our source and a greater expansion of our soul. Heavy energy exists to activate our human potential as masters of our own energy - Alchemy at its finest!

We are here to remind each other of our essence, our light and our divine magnificence when we notice our fellow humans bogged down in heavy energy. When we are in this state we are unable to find our lightness, its so important when we are in a balanced and light place to be compassionate and help shift the heavy energy around us!

If you feel heavy, book a session or attend a medicine journey with me.

These sessions are powerful energy shifters and work swiftly. You will feel lighter, more connected and empowered to continue doing the light work yourself.


Breathwork Medicine Journey

Brokenhead Byron Bay

Sun 21st May

10am - 4pm


Join us to for some sacred time to breathe into your body and release heavy energies that hold us back from our bliss!

This 1 day immersion includes

Heart opening yoga

Chakra clearing meditation & intention setting

Plant medicine ceremony

Breath work


A Nourishing meal

Time to connect to the beautiful energy of the land

For our interstate guests there is amazing accomodation on the property

The tree house on the property is available if you need accomodation, it's beautiful to be able to just stay on site after the journey and its reasonably priced for our patrons

You can call Susan directly if you wish to book rather than go through AirBnb

Susan - 0266854221

Here is the link for their Tree house for your viewing:


Join us at our next

New Moon Meditation Sound Bowl healing

Monday 20th February






Energy balancing



Sound bowl healing

Indian Head Massage




Back Massage of choice

Energy Balancing





Chakra balancing meditation

Plant medicine ceremony

Breath work

Nourishing meal




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