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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Here we are on the Libra New moon, the 1st of 2 new moons this month. This only occurs every 32 months so it is quite auspicious! This month we are given the opportunity to execute the properties of Libra which are beauty and balance! So for all you lovers out there, this blog is for you! Lets work this moon to get the best possible outcome for ourselves!

As you settle into this New Moon, take a deep look at your life, and see the opportunities that exist allowing you to turn your challenges into a work of art.

We are constantly in a state of flux when it comes to staying balanced and its not surprising with the pressures we all experience on a daily basis! My philosophy when it comes to staying balanced and clear is simple.... STOP & BREATHE! We don't do it enough, our minds race with the current issue or dilemma. When we allow our minds to race, we are really messing with our chemical balance and sending fight or flight responses to our bodies inducing an unnecessary rush of adrenaline. This chemical response was designed to assist us in times of danger so we can respond accordingly and get away quickly in order to save our lives, it was not designed to be released because we are too busy.... maybe running late for a meeting or forgetting to pay a bill, dealing with grief or divorce amongst many other daily reactions that send us into a spin.

The mantra is BREATHE, let go, release and reset, take control of the chemical responses you are creating in your body before the damage is done! You are in control of what you are experiencing, it may feel like the world is spinning out of control sometimes but the centre of the universe is within you, balance yourself and the outside world will feel a lot more balanced.

"Your inner world reflects your outer world! "

Its all well and good to tell people to breathe and regroup but for me it requires creating the time and space to move out of the mind and into the heart and spirit where we can create effective change.

I am all about rituals, they bring a sacred sense of honouring to ourselves and our lives. When you prepare a ritual the main consideration is your INTENTION.

The intention for this ritual is Balance.

Balance and Beauty Ritual

Use Fresh flowers or herbs, a candle, your favourite crystal or precious sacred object

Create a sacred space for your balancing ritual, your favourite part of the garden or home, somewhere you love to sit. Light the candle

Breathe into your body, breathe into your energetic body (half a meter around your body)

Carry the breath from above your crown right down into the earth

Breathe in for 4 then out for 4, do this until you feel clear and relaxed

You are now out of your mind

Breathe into your heart

Say these words to your heart as you hold your crystal or sacred object

I am Balanced....I am Beautiful....I am enough

Say these words to your heart 3 times

Visualise the reality you would like to be living

See the opposite of what you feel you are experiencing

Feel it like you already have it

Let the feeling wash over you and through you!

Smile and open your eyes

Be Balanced Be Beautiful

The other tools & practices I highly recommend are always massage, breath work (pranayama) Yoga, meditation, supplementation, nature walks and laughter!

There are so many ways we can balance ourselves through the stressful times, most health food stores have naturopaths that can create tonics and tinctures. Nature is always there waiting for us to visit!

Book in for a balancing treatment or meditation, my clients tell me what is happening in their lives that is causing them to feel unbalanced, I incorporate a breathing sequence at the end of the massage which allows them to breathe the mental stress out of their bodies, then some sage & chimes to clear and seal, it is the perfect way to end the session!

May you find beauty and balance throughout the month ahead!

So much love to you all!

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