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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Through the challenges I encounter I am observing a myriad of skills and resources revealing themselves. I find it fascinating to witness the patterns in my own life and in the lives of my clients and friends. I really appreciate the time and energy it takes, for someone who is close to you, to remember you have been through this before and to then remind you, giving you the opportunity to look at the issue again and to observe a pattern that is being revealed. It is a beautiful gift to give and receive if it is delivered from genuine compassion and empathy.

I often recognise re-occuring situations and issues (dramas) that are happening for those around me. Some of them call it "same shit different smell", some believe that this is "the burden of their lives that they have to bear", others dig a little deeper and ask WHY...."why does this re-occur in my life? "

These re-occurances are not meant to be comfortable, they are present because we need to notice them, to feel the discomfort, to be able to clear them and ultimately recognise that on a very deep level, we are actually creating them!

This insight into our own creative abilities is empowering!! To know with a little mindfulness we can stop certain occurrences and start more positive ones purely by being aware of what we are thinking and then what we are saying!!

The question is HOW do we do this?

It may be what you are saying consciously and subconsciously that is creating your reality. The power of the spoken word has profound effects. We live in a world where words are cheap and actions are what seems to get our attention but what if we all took responsibility and truly embodied the understanding that our words actually do create our reality?

When a collective of people are all saying the same thing from the same intent, it definitely creates change. Some would call it the power of prayer. When we are looking at what we create in our individual lives, it doesn't always work out the way we want or need it to be. This is because we are creating from only one aspect of consciousness.

Our consciousness is created from 3 different levels of thinking, The conscious mind, The subconscious mind & The Super conscious mind.

They will all bring you what you ask for but from very different reasoning, they all use different language as well.

The Conscious mind is born of programming, standard education and social conditioning, it learns and evaluates and will rationalise its reality. For example,

It will say "I will work hard and I will buy a home" the result will probably be that the home will come but it will be a hard journey getting there....

The Subconscious mind is the underlying thoughts and feelings around what the conscious mind is working with.

It is saying "I want to buy that home but it's hard" or "only owning my own home will bring me fulfilment" It's quiet fears & silent negativity are becoming manifest with the hard aspect of the intention playing out all day everyday affecting the way we feel and leaving you feeling like you won't be fulfilled until you get the house which will probably not come due to your fears playing out...

Both the conscious and the subconscious brains operate from a combination of programming, our experiences, fears, ego and the belief systems with which we operate.

The Superconscious mind is connected with your spiritual and emotional bodies and its intent is for the highest good - requested from a place of divine right and for the souls purpose to express itself.

It says "Infinite Spirit, My own home is already here, please remove all difficulty around my home presenting for me as it is my divine right to stability and security" This way of creating gives us so much, a connection to divinity, hope and the reassurance in knowing it is your divine right....

It is the God aspect of your consciousness, capable of creating powerful and sometimes instant change in our lives. It is the highest form of creation and a gift that a lot of people find difficult to access, this is because the superconscious is your divine self that has a deep knowing and faith in the alchemical laws of creation, the Lord, Infinite Creator or God.

Do you know your own divinity? Do you believe in your abilities and innate gifts? "Do you believe in your ability to create?"

If you do - you can move mountains!

A few mindful changes is all it takes to manifest a different reality, we can start by watching our subconscious thoughts and self belief. We can listen to what we are consciously saying and ask where it is coming from (ego) and then we can activate our Super conscious mind by aligning with our hearts and divinity

There are 3 speakers that have shifted my perception around the power of the spoken word:

Florence Scovel Shinn

Marianne Williamson

Louise Hay

In their teachings we learn about the metaphysics of life and how our thoughts, strong faith & hearts intent, connected with prayer, created our reality and the world we are experiencing.

Once we have practiced this language and reconciled the ego in our conscious and subconscious mind, we can start to effect real change in our lives... we have a long way to go but it is comforting to at least have the tools to effect non violent and empowering change.

It is my deepest wish for all beings to be able to experience the fullest potential we have within us, our divine right to live in peace, happiness, abundance and co-creating with like minded souls! Its also a big dream of mine for us all to take responsibility for what is happening in our own lives and, with the right tools and knowledge, change it! You have the power, you can do this and I am always here to assist, ever the student but comfortable with the insight...

Blessings of insight and gifts abundant


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