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Knowing your Purpose in Service

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

This months Solar eclipse and Leo new moon usher in an opportunity, over the next 6 months, to really dig deep into our fears and find our truth, that is the true expression of who we are without the programming, filters and fears!

This month I was really feeling to talk about tapping into the truth of who you are, sharing your unique expression in service and speaking your wisdom! Then I started reading the interpretation of some of my favourite astrologers and of course, it was all about transcending the fear and living your truth, out of the programming, being brave enough, facing the fear of rejection and finding the confidence to shine... the confirmation was well timed and awesome..

In the Kundalini yoga world we would say "Sat Nam" - "Truth is my identity"

Digging deep and finding your true purpose and place in this world can be so daunting for some, especially the Givers of this world, those in service!

How many sensitive, caring people are in unfulfilling jobs or soul destroying work environments?

The answer is Too Many!!

These are the heart people, the feelers, the carers, the sensitives, the empaths and those who are energetically open, they carry, absorb and do so much for others often without recognition or remuneration sometimes even in abusive situations...

Those in service didn't leave school and say ok, I'm going to be in service and choose a modality... most of us have been in service since we were infants, holding a certain energy, holding space, laying their hands on people or animals, healing in whatever way their gifts allow... speaking a different language than the everyday people.

The key to releasing ourselves from these situations is simply to identify and honour your own Unique gifts!

These beautiful people feel everything, they take on the pain of the world, person by person, location by location! Their very makeup turns them into energetic sponges that usually have no where to wring themselves out! Others offload on them and they are often taken advantage of or used... their very nature is to take on the issue, they are often the recipients of negative projections when they try to help or speak their truth due to the type of people they attract.... They are usually very gifted but spend their time giving to others instead of creating their own dreams and aspirations which often involve helping others...

Its a challenging path, not many sensitives are taught how to exist in this world with their abilities and gifts, leading them to anaesthetise in some way, to escape the intensity of the stressful energies they feel.

But their purpose is clear.... they are in service!

What does it mean to be in Service? It means we serve others... that doesn't mean we are slaves or beneath those that are receiving, it means we are in humble service because we understand how important it is to reconcile our egos to be in service to another being, we see that we do so naturally and easily, we are different to most and also know that we are divinely guided to do so... To us, there is no more noble purpose than to be of service to those in need, most of us have known it our whole lives. It is a path that often starts with an extraordinary sensitivity to energy and an interest in all things spiritual, reconnecting us to our ancient gifts that support humanity, the animal kingdom and the Mother Earth!

There are important tools that need to be implemented when we are in a position of giving for a living... no one wants to be dragged into the issues of others, doing the work for them, ultimately and unintentionally absorbing their negative energy and/or pain.

I know what it is like to be overwhelmed by the emotional issues of those in my life, the state of the world, the inhumanity and injustice, at times it seemed to seep into my very core....

It was debilitating at times, I felt desperately out of control but there was not a cell in my body that wanted to stop doing the work I do and go into a 9-5 job, I just couldn't do it.. I was in service, before I even knew what it meant...

I gave so unconditionally for years, I gave until I felt sucked dry. Without going into story.... I was even giving at my lowest, going through a divorce, raising a child on my own, financially burdened, burnt out adrenals and very unwell, yet I still gave to those in need in my realm, I rarely asked for help as the shadow side of being in service is care taking, being a caretaker attract takers and when the caring stops they disappear in search of the next caretaker... they need us!

I soon learnt that "care taking" is an imbalance of being in service and a diversion from honouring yourself first!

When we work in this realm, the gifts we receive are profound! Synchronicity happens and the right guidance comes in at the right time....

I have always had mentors step in and redirect me when I was floundering, some of those beautiful teachers taught me about energetic transference, projection and protection.... Hallelujah! I learnt energetic boundaries! The tools and practices I share have guided me to where I am today and now I am honoured and humbled to share them with you!

These days I utilise my practices and tools daily to stay clear and protected, this enables me to do my work, being in service with my heart open. To intuit what is really going on and to channel through what is needed without taking it on... It requires protective, energetic techniques and a deep self love that enables me to care for others whether it be animal, vegetable and mineral, its all the same to me... if there is pain, an injustice or imbalance taking place, I have my energetic boundaries in place, allowing all with pure intention to enter and nothing of a lower vibration to shake me...

I take care of my own vibration, with high vibration food, practices, like minded company, intention and energetic tools, moving organically with the ebb and flow of life, these are the golden times! We are here now to reconnect with our innate abilities that have lay dormant for so long!

These are the tools and practices I love to teach! They work and they allow your authenticity to shine through without being an energetic sponge. These learnings are all about being connected, connected to yourself, your purpose, your abilities and your energetic pathways!

They will help you peal back the layers of pain and programming to realise your special place in this world, start you on your path and give you practical and supportive daily rituals

You are Unique, you are gifted and you are here to live your greatest potential! Being in service is an honour and true service fills our cups!

When your cup is full, its easy to give and receive in equal measure!


Are you feeling like you need fresh energy to reset and reconnect you?

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