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Thank you 2017

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Pic from The Four Winds Society - Shamanic teachings

2017.... What a year! You have been! HUGE!!

The year of the Fire Rooster and equating to the Universal Year of 1

Heralding in the beginning of a new way of doing, being and living!

No doubt, one of the best for me, I found myself holding onto my hat at times, willing it to slow down and allow me to breathe into the changes taking place, it took me through some of the most fulfilling and loving moments of my life.... it has also been a year of mind bending duality!!

It has been so heartbreaking, watching those I love, struggling through years like this one, whilst it was such a powerful and fulfilling year for me..

My mantra to them and to myself at times is always "This too shall pass".

Whatever our souls are meant to experience over certain alignments is unavoidable, we are not being punished, we are being given the opportunity to expand into a greater version of ourselves which is not meant to be a comfortable or painless experience....Breathe and reboot, keep going and know that cycles complete and new ones are always beginning!

I'm in awe of the personal and planetary transformations I have witnessed and experienced! Talk about a reset! New beginnings for so many of us and the painful death of what needed to be released... the work continues but it now feels so much more natural to allow the death and rebirth to happen as it needs to and to release it without going through a huge mental process... those days are gone!

There have been cataclysmic events world wide, INCLUDING natural disasters, man made & political disasters!

Through it all, communities shone in their unity for humanity and our beloved Mama Earth! Ceremoniously coming back to love and compassion with every challenging and heart breaking event!

This year, we all evolved! There was no choice...

The Fire Rooster feels like a Phoenix rising up out of the ashes!

“Roosters can actually separate the reward from the work required to get it, and they can do this over long periods of time". and this year was truly the culmination of years of dreaming in a better way, becoming a reality! We are here now!

This UNIVERSAL ‘1’ Year represented the start of a fresh new cycle – a new 9 year cycle of creativity, learning and growth.

Also a UNIVERSAL ‘1’ Year is a time to plant the seeds of intention for the forthcoming cycle – your deepest heartfelt desires, dreams and visions for every area of your life – relationships, health, finances, career, lifestyle, spirituality and this we have done....seeds have been planted and we can tend to them now with loving intentions and focused action...

So as I find this year coming to its close, I look back on the seeds I have sown, affirming them, watering them with love, light and gratitude!

They are seeds of our human potential, programmed to guide us back to who we are in our fullest connection to our purpose and our divinity.

They are seeds heralding the end of poisons for both humanity and our earth.

They are seeds of grounding for all who are becoming lighter, we are held!

They are seeds of reconnection to our eternal abundance, enough for everyone!

They are seeds of forgiveness and wholeness for all who find it hard to release their pain!

They are seeds of energetic responsibility and awareness of collective


They will grow into the next 9 year cycle, becoming as huge as Siberian Cedars, connecting us all to each other, to our purpose, our divinity and our Mother Earth, guiding and supporting us with potent resonation, we will remember and we will receive! ABUNDANTLY!

To all of my clients and friends and those beautiful people following this site, Thank you for all your support this year! Your feedback has been such a gift to me!

Next year I intend to hold Workshops in Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne & Darwin

There will be many more mini workshops facilitated at various retreats and events

I hope to organise a group meditation class for Lennox Head

And as always, deeply healing treatments to align and balance you on every level!

May the holiday season bring you all much peace, love and true connection to what nourishes you most!

This holiday season, Look after those in need and each other!

Love and Blessings in gratitude

Danielle 🙏🏽

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