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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

This morning I woke with a mantra in my mind... It was a restless humid night of broken sleep and I definitely didn't wake feeling energised!

In fact, I felt exhausted before the day had even begun!

Sometimes we are given something to work with when we come back from our dreams....

A mantra kept sounding in my heart and mind....

I started to chant and my energy began to lift

I had the most incredible day and all because I knew what my practice would be today!

The mantra is called Asatoma....

This ancient Sanskrit Mantra translates as this

Om Asatoma Om Asatoma satgamaya Tamasoma iyotir gamaya Mrityorma amritam gamaya Take us from the false to the truth From darkness to light And from poison to nectar

It was my practice for the entire day, I chanted it from morning till night, loudly in the car, internally as I worked.... it soothed my frazzled nervous system and gave me the energy I needed to get through the day, it filled my heart with so much love to better serve those I was working with today...

It was indeed a gift..... one that I could have missed without understanding the simplicity of mindful practice....

Working with energy and clearing practices for years has lifted the veil to provide me with gifts from spirit on a daily basis... Mantra is one of my most powerful practices, I understand the ancient words that I chant, they resonate through me like medicine for my soul!

Our Practices are as personal and as different as our fingerprints... finding your personal practices require a few things, exposure, education and, of course,....Practice

Once we have found them, self care is as easy as listening to the messages that come through, gifted to us to sooth our nervous systems to do what we are here to do

Often I hear "oh but you have that gift, you can see and hear that but I can't"

This is simply not true.... we all have these abilities, the key to accessing them is to first find your practice then be ritualistic in practicing it, which is never hard because it will always be an ancient recognition of something we love and know how to do!

Clearing yourself on a daily basis is important

We don't write over a document that is already written, how can you create something new using an old and pre written background? Learning new tools and practices means starting fresh, without preconceived ideas about religion or culture. Your soul has lived through many of these experiences and identifies with spiritual tools practices beyond this lifetime...

To do this we need to learn which practices and tools are available to us, it is different for everyone, mantra is one of mine, when you find your practice, a magnificent door opens granting you access to your abilities! All you need to do then is to Practice....

Im often stunned when I hear "But how do I care for myself??" followed by "Thats why I come to you!"

It is each of our responsibility to care for our own wellbeing!

Do not hand over your wellbeing to anyone!

Seek the support of those who can help...YES!

Educate yourself on how to access growth & healing...YES!!

But do not buy into the business of OTHERS healing YOU!

You are perfect as you are, you just need the tools & information to care for yourself and access your own spiritual tools that will support your own individual needs.

Be discerning when following self proclaimed healers, shaman or gurus!

A true facilitator of healing will never call themselves this.... they will always present as a practitioner, facilitator or therapist, sincerely intending to support you with their studied craft and their ability to tap into their ancient knowledge....

When you are feeling like you are in need of a treatment, be discerning...use your intuition, these are changing times and healing has become a new age business... many fall victim to quick fixes and trending experiences... a one of session of anything will not fix anything!

When you are seeking to educate on any new practice or modality, ideally it would be all about YOUR empowerment, YOUR wellbeing and the course would give you tools and practices to sooth your nervous system, raise your vibration and fill you with knowledge to empower you to care for yourself and/or others

Self care starts with looking after your nervous system!

Yes nutrition, treatments, exercise, practices such as yoga and meditation are a huge part of it but it is really so much easier than most people think!

If you don't have time to educate yourself or get a treatment, at least learn how to nurture your nervous system and find at least one practice that soothes you....

A starting point on nurturing your nervous system is learning how to self soothe, breathing through stress and reassuring yourself that everything will be ok and that this too shall pass. Wrapping your arms around yourself and holding your divine self in deep love, gratitude and appreciation! Just like we do for others! Our bodies thrive on this self love! It boosts immunity and sends endorphins dancing through your being! It feels strange at first but soon becomes a way of life... self love, self honouring and self care are the ultimate healing mantra!

A sure way to fast track your spiritual abilities is to have a deep and nourishing relationship with yourself first!

To quote Kypacha from New Paradigm Astrology

I see what it is that I need to do,

As my eyes have now been opened,

And I call upon the spirit world,

That pure love not be forgotten

Pure love starts with YOU!

Blessings be



To access ancient tools and practices, join us at

This programme is designed to expose you to a multitude of ways you can shift energy in your body and mind, possibly even find your preferred practice. Facilitated in a sacred and beautiful location, a nurturing environment & surrounded by like minded souls!

Healing and educational

Medicine in itself!

This workshop will fill fast!

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