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Updated: Aug 23, 2021


It's Kinda cheesy hearing it sometimes! I can't stand the fact that it is a new age term but it is.....

On the other hand, it inspires me to know that the world is waking up to our fullest capacity to create, the way we were intended to.

We are Finally breaking away from the perceived "normal" (totally programmed) methods of creation.....

We are no longer just following the man made, mundane, regimented rules of bringing something or someone into our reality.

Supposedly only achieved by working, manipulating or strategising in the structured, exhausting business or boring networking paradigms.

That there is, in fact, another way that verges on magical!

When "Manifest" comes out of my mouth, I mean "to create from pure thought and clear intention". I use it as an energetic practice that is a constant touch stone.

A discipline or ritual that gives me a focus to work with and an insight into the law of attraction.

I also consider it a Prayer... connected to the divine with pure intentions of the highest possible outcome.

It reminds me to be aware of my thoughts, fears, ego, wants and desires. to take responsibility for all I call into my life, whatever that looks like.

The the actual definition of manifestation is something else....

*An event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical: the first obvious manifestations of global warming.• [mass noun]

*The action or fact of showing something: the manifestation of anxiety over disease.• a symptom of an ailment: cryptococcal meningitis was the first manifestation of AIDS in seven of twenty-seven patients.•

*A version or incarnation of something or someone: the butterfly was one of the many manifestations of the Goddess.•

*An appearance of a ghost or spirit: some supernatural manifestations are regarded as portents of good or evil.

From late Middle English: from late Latin manifestatio(n-), from the verb manifestare ‘make public’.

I'm thinking the new age interpretation has come from the "appearance of a ghost or spirit" and "a version or incarnation of something or someone"

Something appears or incarnates from spirit although these days, it has been adapted to mean "create something from nowhere".

A mystical concept to some but those who have actually "manifested" something in their lives, know it to be achievable!

Manifestation is energy, its divine, its humble and its subtle.... it doesn't push, it doesn't need, it is not selfish or boastful. Manifestation is the natural alignment of your being with your pure hearts intent and the journey between the two...

That said, pure intention comes from it being a beneficial creation, for the betterment of all concerned, Gods divine will for us to love and gift each other.

The most powerful manifestations I have witnessed have been called in by a collective, all focusing on the same positive outcome. The most recent being at Bentley in the Byron Shire when thousands of us came together in a history making, first ever deflection of rural Coal seam gas mining! We sent them packing with our collective intent, prayers and focus for it to never be accepted in this pristine region! It was a powerful moment to see it hit the news and to watch the share prices of the Gas company plummeting! We gifted each other clean, pure water and protected our pristine earth and that benefited everyone who lives here. The intention was heart felt and so it happened....

So how do we manifest? Is there a formula?

What I do know is that we are creating all the time, with every thought, with every action, word and silent intention. Those energetic waves are out there the minute we act, say, sow, think or intend.... its huge when you truly realise the impact we have on our own lives at every moment.

Another important point is that we can't manifest anything for the highest good... from a place of want or ego or without doing the ground work first.

Sow the seeds, help God help you! Ducks in rows... being clear, being in integrity, being able to receive and keeping it real is a good start.

* Practicing Mindfulness... being aware of those silent thoughts and actions, flipping the negatives as they arise into the more gentle & loving version.

* Understanding your thoughts create chemical reactions in your body, your beliefs literally become part of your physical makeup and your physical body has its own magnetic energy. This is interesting because, you may be working with the laws of attraction, trying to manifest but if your core belief is something like.. "I am not worthy" or any other limiting self belief, it is unlikely to evolve, regardless of all your efforts!

So best to do the inner work first!

* Being Grateful...regardless of what you perceive to be happening in your life

* Dreaming/Vision Boarding....a collective of your dreams in picture and words to act as a reminder of your hearts intent. Dreaming means meditating on and visualising the desired outcome and feeling like it is already there, breathing that reality into every atom for it to become a part of you to radiate out into the world and for it to align with your frequency

* Working with a collective towards a common goal, many hearts create much quicker than just one!

* Being aware of what you want to call into your life and why, asking these questions prompts us to be integral in our desires, wants and needs and helps us grow exponentially, we are here to evolve not to acquire.

*Being humble, these abilities are inherently within all of us, not just some. At this time on earth, we are all coming back into a deeper understanding of how to work with energy and everyone is at different stages of the process. None of us are anywhere near our fullest potential with this phenomena just yet.... lets have fun unveiling our abilities, sharing the insights with each other.

*Knowing you have the same creative abilities as the forces you come from....this is understanding your God spark! Understanding that we are powerful beyond our comprehension.

Whatever comes of our manifestations, the joy is knowing that we are creative beings with phenomenal abilities! Still in our infancy of rediscovery and finding our way with our budding abilities! May the purest force be with you all!! May you call in your life purpose, your true love, your peace and your hearts intent along this earthly experience!


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