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Lifting the Veil

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

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Our spirits' Voice is speaking! Are you listening?

I recently worked on a phenomenal woman! She is a beautiful, vulnerable, powerful soul! A woman who was dedicated to lifting the veil, pealing back the layers of programming, trauma and limitations that have been holding her back from speaking her spirits' voice, healing the wounding of lineage past and from living her greatest version of herself!

In these changing times we are required to do the work and she, most definitely, is working through the layers to release the programming from her lineage, past and present!

I bow deeply to those who are brave enough to trust and dive into this process!


This is what she wrote about her treatment, it is an excerpt from her upcoming book

Again the veil dropped, the way it did during ceremony with Maitoumbi the Navigator, and my senses opened beyond the world of men. The Voice spoke incantations weaving seams, unlocking closed doors and spinning the wheel of my base chakra, glorious red, accessing my time-line from this incarnation from ages 1 to 7 years old.

Silent thunder-bolts cracked from deep within my holography, as the worm-hole of sorrow, grief and despair freed cavernous moans, let go void of shame. I felt my legs twist around each other as my gut wrenched back to grip the column of my spine. The Voice gently encouraged me to relax my legs, as my angels and all the light-workers present in the room held vigil over me in those hours, eternities and moments of space-time, as I purged sex-abuse for the women in my lineage, back 7 generations and forward 7 generations. With the portal open, all present held hands of light over my darling body, assisting in the alchemy of transmuting the quanta from dark to light, and loathing to love. I let go of as much as I could, until I heard myself question whether I could go on, then another layer came, then another.

As the perfect storm of the base chakra clearing slowly subsided, The Voice continued with the courage of a Mother-Lioness, to the Sacral Chakra, ages 7 to 14, the Heart Chakra, the Throat Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra, and Crown. Once completed on the back, she turned me over and repeated the process from Base to Crown on the front side of the Chakras. Clearing, balancing, opening, guiding. The Voice ever-held her incantations as she anchored my alignment from below my Base into my Earth Star, then above my Crown into my Soul Star. She then sealed the sacred-sheath of my ethereal body by wrapping me in the safety of my own white-violet flame of self-loving alchemy.

All cleared, all balanced, only Love.


My deepest intention during sessions is for the veils to drop for the true work to take place, it requires a lot of vulnerability and trust for this to occur but when it does... Boom!!! Transformation takes place!!

I became the "Voice" and was totally blown away by this interpretation of what she experienced!!

I never know what is going to present during my sessions, very few share from the heart what they need from their treatment until they arrive...

It works well for us both as it allows the natural flow of the session to unfold without preconceived ideas or expectations making it much easier to stay in our heart energy/spirit rather than in the mind

When we step aside and let our spirit guide us, our voices do change, our spirit speaks a different language than our physical form, it slow, gentle and with clear intent.

This is why it is so important to set the space and intentions for all aspects of our lives, not just our work, our spirit is just waiting to step forward and bring the magic!

Ask for the energy to be from the highest light and the healing that flows through to be perfectly aligned with your the individual needs or that of a client or friend.

You can be sure that whatever transpires is indeed Divinely guided!

There is much to be said about walking each other home!

The more we courageously allow our vulnerability, the more we ask/pray for support with our challenges, blockages and limitations, miraculously our people are drawn to us!

If you are ready to unravel the knotted energies within your body, mind and heart, allow yourself to be supported by the people or practitioners that present, they are the ones who are in alignment with your frequency and resonation

It is pure confirmation that we are never alone!

As each phase of our healing and revealing presents, there we are for each other, appearing with the right words & actions to support the process

Trust the process, this journey called life is an amazing ride!!


Navigating the energetic world can get confusing, our workshops will connect you with practical energetic wisdom, gifting you with tools you can use to balance and clear yourself for the rest of your life! Energy is transferable, learn how to build, clear, protect and connect yours at

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