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Updated: Aug 23, 2021




Guiding people out of their Doing and into their Being is part of what I do and love!

The deepest parts of ourselves know what is right for us, we just need to know how to access that level of consciousness

It is not as difficult as some may think

When we are not intellectualising and strategising our way through life, there is so much wisdom and the space to create what we really want and need in our lives

It's all about being conscious of where we are operating from

There are levels of consciousness and all have their place in this human experience

When we are in the mind, we are in me

When we are in our energy and hearts we are in the Self

When we are in our ego we are in I

Me, My Self, I

It is a sliding scale of awareness that changes all day everyday but the ultimate place to be, is in the Self

When we are in this place of awareness, there is no separation, we are totally connected and able to access our innate ability to intuit our reality

In this place we will not jump to conclusions instead just inherently knowing what is for you

The "Me" is important as our mental ability to assess, extrapolate and utilise information

The "I" is there to protect us, our ego's will always keep us safe, that is its purpose

The Self is our true guide, only you know what is right for you at the deepest level.

The totem of the "Self" is the Hummingbird, it represents Joy, expansion and timelessness, it is an immaculate expression of the true you, Your Highest self

The place that has no judgement, the place that can give and receive in equal measure but also feel free enough to drink deeply of all life has to offer without guilt.

There is a spaciousness that is liberating.

This is the block for a lot of people. To receive without guilt

It is a deep limitation that stems from self worth, these are limitations created by the mind and reinforced in the physical body.

The mind is the computer, it will evaluate and extrapolate facts from the programs we are running based on all the information available

The ego will jump in to try to protect us with justifications and excuses as to why and how

The self will feel its way without judgement, it is connected to the energies around the decision or issue at hand and it is the true guide.

The self is connected to the collective consciousness of like resonant beings and environments.

It discerns only what is right for you and is based on energy or spirit.

For most, it is the quiet voice in the background that you always wished you had listened to but when you hone the subtle shift in how each feels then you will know who you are listening to and where you are acting from

Being conscious of yourself is to be awake to what you are feeling, thinking, doing and acting upon

It requires self evaluation and reflection. A conscious person would always sit with something before reacting, they would reflect on the bigger picture, their part and learnings involved, they would take responsibility and allow the experience to enhance their consciousness!

That is the purpose of consciousness, to expand and have a greater perception of the experience than what the mental/emotional programming or theoretical intellectualising would allow. In its most basic form, it is too FEEL

To do that you must first understand yourself deeply and have a relationship with "Self"

How do we do that?

Full healing comes when we can tune into our Self!

We evaluate our energy.... where are we feeling something in our bodies and how is it being interpreted?

Humanity has always had the ability to evaluate from all aspects of our "self" but from the moment we are born we are taught to think our way through our experiences instead of feeling them. The mind will alway confuse what is right for the spirit, that is its job, to evaluate, extrapolate and strategise. If you can bypass the mind when you are in flux, you will be guided, without fear, to what is truly right for you. Creation and manifestation starts here in the clear space of the Self

There is always the trinity of Me, Myself & I working away within us, the difference is whether you choose to strategise, operate from a safe place or sense your way through your life... the choice is yours, a shift in perception is just a breath away

Wishing you all a wonderful Festive season and Safe holidays

May 2020 bring much love, JOY and connection to you all


Danielle 🕊


Resonate Offerings


MOBILE MASSAGE & SPA TREATMENTS - BYRON & BALLINA SHIRES - Book your holiday treatments in advance and in the comfort of your own accomodation.

IN CLINIC TREATMENTS - Bespoke treatments tailored to suit your needs, for a full alignment and balance book a 2hr session including massage, energy balancing, meditation and sound healing

BLESSING WAYS - BRIDES & MOTHERS TO BE - Organise for your sister to be honoured the ancient way by sitting in circle and gifting her with heart felt words and a token of your love, facilitated around a crystal and flower mandala, the woman of the day will love and remember the experience forever!

MEDITATION - Resonate meditations are designed to balance your being by focusing on the breath and aligning your energies. Group or private classes available

WORKSHOPS - These one day and weekend workshops heal and gift you with vital clearing and balancing tools that you will use for years to come. 2020 dates to be announced soon

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