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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

You are allowed.... I'm inspired to write this piece because I am witnessing over and over again, the lack of ability to allow negative emotions in each other and ourselves and to review my own limitations and programmed beliefs on negative emotions!

We are human, We are allowed to feel these uncomfortable emotions and to release them if something occurs that brings them to the surface... they exist!

Instead, they grab us and hold us in stasis! We fear we may be perceived as having issues or not fun to be around and all the other crazy thoughts that go through our minds when we are in a negative state... (this is called processing, which is also normal!)

Why can we not allow ourselves to be angry, sad or lonely, why can we not express our vulnerability and feel safe knowing that every person on the planet has the same emotions going through them at some stage of their life or, for some, possibly everyday!

I live in a place called Byron Bay where all appears to be shiny and perfect but we all know that is an illusion! The general perception is...If you get angry, you have anger issues, if you are sad you need to take responsibility for your own mirror or do more yoga, meditation, change your diet or exercise more, if you are lonely you would never tell a soul lest they oust you completely!

This new age era is teaching people to spiritually bypass anything negative when our human emotions haven't actually evolved past negativity yet!

There is shadow and light! Do not deny your human experience, do not spiritually bypass your pain! Find new tools and do the work with those who have the skills to assist you!!

We are all more than ok with smiling and being happy or excited or in any other positive emotion and we all know VERY WELL that both exist but continue to be paralysed with guilt and fear that we feel the negative ones! I see this in so many of us, it leads us to suppress and put on a brave face when we are in pain.. Suppression, in its worst outcome, becomes depression and mental health issues and can ultimately leads to medication and suicide! What if people felt safe enough to share, what if someone listened to them and supported them when the trauma occurred, what if humanity had compassion for negative emotions and empathy for those in need!

This is a time on earth that Mental health is becoming a major issue and has touched everyones lives in some way, not to mention the craziness happening with lack of psychological support, over medication and lack of facilities, we don't need more funding or to fob our unhappy mates off onto institutions and facilities....WE, humanity, need new tools! Tools like mental health 1st aid, knowledge on energetic boundaries and how to hold space and how about good old fashioned compassion and empathy!!?

Just like when a major disaster happens and the community jumps to action and helps, this too should be the norm when it comes to helping others through their negative emotions... the world is in crisis, we all know people who are struggling, start there!

Where are we going wrong that we can't be around negativity?

Why has it become taboo! Why do we need more funding to support people who are sad... we all have ears and arms! Support those in need around you, start at home!

I feel sad for humanity that we cannot allow basic human emotions to run through us and to support each other through them when we witness them in our friends and family or even someone we don't know that well. Are we all so terrified that we will catch some negativity disease? Or that the person in that state is un-evolved or hasn't woken up yet!?

I hold space for people all day to bare their souls, cry, express their emotions and never feel I take it home. I have energetic boundaries that protect their energy rubbing off but still allows empathy through, I love that I can do this....but when I am in my shadow state, I really have very few who can hold that space for me...these skills are seriously lacking, "even in spiritual Byron Bay" People, simply, do not know how!

Wake up humanity, these are difficult times, not everyone is coping, learn some compassion and hold space for each other, once someone has truly heard your pain, the pain dissipates and it is then easier to get back in balance, hold space for those in need, particularly the ones who don't express it often! Its not that hard!!

To experience these emotions does not mean you have issues, denying them does! You are allowed to feel any negative emotion when a situation has led you to them, if you are worried about something or have generally had a hard time! Suppressing, hiding and/or smiling through it is not authentic and is not going to help you! They are there for a reason, something is wrong! Something needs to be worked through or addressed, this is the path to happiness, not to mention, the great feeling that somebody actually cares, can work wonders for those experiencing heavy feelings! Not taking action or expressing just leads to negative buildup in your physical body and in time, will escalate into darker places....

The other side of the veil of allowing these terrifying emotions to be released in a loving, compassionate environment, is, that we discover a deep, gentle, faith and love within ourselves and how we get there, then becomes our own personal path to happiness and peace but before we can find this heart space, the deep emotions need to be facilitated and released!

Our seasonal bodies also tell us when it is time to release these energies, we are in Autumn, the time of our Lung and Large intestine Meridians. Our lung meridian represents hope, optimism and vitality (and the opposite when out of balance) and our large intestine meridians represent expression, choice and judgement which can also get very out of balance!

Our bodies are giving us permission to acknowledge these emotions with in us!

It is the perfect time to get Accupuncture, do Ki yoga and hike, scream into a pillow or sing or chant at the top of your lungs, Open your lungs and scream or laugh at the sky, you are not mad, you are human and you are allowed!!!


In our Workshops we discuss tools to allow and work with these negative emotions, it provides a compassionate place to share and learn ancient wisdom and tools for balance

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