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Discernment Vs Judgement

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Stepping into 2018 was not what I expected, most of the world was in celebration, some were in ceremony but my experience of the new year was judgement... not the first thing I was expecting to feel when the clock struck 12am that's for sure!

As always, when something is obviously presenting, (as it did immediately this year)....I accepted that it is something to work with.... to explore, dig deep into and to grow from. This life is about expanding past our icky moments, to shine the light on our shadows and to grow from them into a greater understanding of acceptance of ourselves and all around us... I have know that for a while... it is liberating to be able to accept the uncomfortable stuff, not react and expand past it into a greater understanding of ourselves and our community.

But Judgement!!! Arrgggg its definitely an icky one...

It is present in all of us, even the most evolved souls do it, but what is its purpose and are we getting it all wrong when we are in judgement?

Humans are such fickle creatures... we are so quick to pass judgement. It is almost as repellent as passing wind!! Everyone seems to scatter at a million miles an hour when judgement is in the house!

It seems inherently within us, to witness something then form an opinion - but do we ever ask what that opinion based on? Maybe 1 or a few experiences with that person?

Do we ever stop to think why we are experiencing what we are seeing? Maybe ask the questions as to how that person came to be how they are? Or what in myself is being triggered by this behaviour?

Most don't have the time, desire or inclination to even bother to investigate, it pushes their buttons and they judge and run or attack and project - even when they have a connection to that person... some of the most conscious people can't find the words or invest the time and energy to support the growth of others in their realm!

A simple, well thought out sentence or conversation can change many are struggling, why not spend some time with those who just need some insight and reflection into what may be not working for them.?

When we judge, it's connotation is kind of final, we are making a decision and it is harsh! The feelings we create in ourselves and those we are judging are of a very low vibration based on fear, we need to feel safe in our relationships so as soon as we experience something that wavers us away from that, our judgement kicks in and the results can be painful & unproductive for all involved.

For those few who have the tools to work with it, the experience can be the greatest gift we are given... an opportunity for growth and expansion but the key to this is communication!

Unfortunately those who are judging are often not brave enough to enlighten you with their observations, preferring to discuss it with others which really does nothing for growth is achieved ultimately creating confusion and anger, bringing in more low vibrations.... Alternatively it can manifest into anger and projection, also extremely low vibrations. On the other hand, those being judged can become defensive and feeling attacked then subsequently shut down, also non productive and without resolution.

Wouldn't it be more productive for all to practice Discernment

The feeling of discernment is softer, it is full of possibilities. It does not shut the door on behaviour we don't understand, it allows a safe platform from which to communicate and is gentle enough to support growth and expansion in the relationship, whatever that may be. It also says I feel safe enough within myself to witness the shadow side of others and at the right time, to share it with them.

Discernment and judgement are not the same, one can discern if an associate or friend is right for them and choose to have the conversation but to judge them and run is simply not ok! The same goes with all vocations and connections, wouldn't it be more beneficial for all involved to change the low vibration of judgement to a lighter feeling of discernment?

Just maybe with discernment, some love and some carefully chosen words they be able to see their behaviour and make the changes necessary for wholeness or we could achieve a greater insight into our own triggers and wounds....

We are so quick to dismiss when the behaviour of others do not resonate with us but there are some people who truly are in service that see, that care enough to share what they witness and provide the rainbow bridge to that persons wellbeing and happiness...

What is most interesting is to witness even those in service being persecuted! Their purpose is to help others yet, the more they create change, the more they are torn down.

Do not allow the poor communication skills & wounded programs of others to arrest your path, if you have been judged and are questioning yourself, practice discernment back, feel it in your being as an opportunity to grow and work with it!

If you are operating with good intent, have an offering that helps others feel better or are contributing to your community or even the greater world then keep going! None of us are perfect, we are all learning and will not always get it right but we are here to grow and mostly that only happens through adversity! Adversity is our friend and our greatest teacher!

Be grateful for it, cut the cords that hold you in your inner child mentality of "not being good enough" or "being afraid".

Be a warrior of the light and DO YOUR THANG!!

Drop the judgement of yourself first! Practice discernment and start raising the vibration of how we process without affecting the hearts of others!

This is my practice for 2018, what will yours be?


Do you know about vibration? Do you know what your service to humanity is? Have you connected with the true essence of your spirit?

Would you like to be able to clear your mind of programming and walk your souls journey?

When we can do these things, everything falls into place! Abundance flows, our work becomes a blessing to ourselves and others!

Join us at the Connection Programme in May to create the life you were born to live!

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