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Updated: Aug 23, 2021


It's the Winter solstice, Solar Eclipse and New moon... Powerful time for releasing old programs and integrating new ways of living!

This year has given us a big shakeup but I'm feeling that it's been what we've needed to break away from broken systems that are rife with corruption and agendas! The cracks are showing....

Now we know there is another way to transcend the health (and many other) systems that have failed us for so long

Throughout 2020 we have been feeling into new ways of existence that have become more available to us.

A great mentor of mine once told me that on the other side of pain and chaos there are immeasurable gifts" Marilyn Whall - I believe this deeper understanding of our human frequency is it! - It's in the shuffling that the true cards fall...

Through the Schumann Resonance, we have been watching the earths frequency peak over the recent years, she is changing and so are we! We and the earth are rising in frequency, of course we are.. we are made of the same elements, we are connected to her.....

The change has challenged a lot of people who struggle to let go of the old paradigms and programming that has held us in stasis for the past few thousand years but it is happening none the less! We are all rising!

The most liberating awareness I've witnessed is our actual understanding of energy and frequency. This awareness gives us back our ability to take back our health and freedom

Most leave it to the quantum physicists to work with, others think its a hippy thang :)

The truth & the science is, we ARE frequency! The ancient modalities have shared their insights of energetic anatomy for over 7000 yrs and now we actually get to work with it!

Once the concept that we have power over our energy really sinks in, the possibilities are endless. We can work with the changing frequencies to effect real changes both in our own human bodies and on earth!

We are atoms vibrating and a high vibrational body = good physical, emotional & mental health, much to the disadvantage of western medicine!

The latest and greatest health hacks all work with raising the frequency of your physical, emotional and mental bodies. It is used as a preventative as opposed to cure so lets get on with it!

What lifts it?

First and fore most Love & kindness

High Vibe food - fresh, local, spray free, gmo free, organic, seasonal, right for your personal digestion, clean water without chemicals or toxins

High Vibe people - Emotionally, Mentally and Physically well humans who take responsibility & look after their frequency because they know we are all connected

High Vibe practices - All exercise, yoga, pilates, dancing, singing meditation, being in nature, Breathwork, clearing treatments, reciprocity, crystals, ceremony, prayer, HEALY,

High Vibe habits - Positive affirmations, positive feedback, giving compliments, gratitude, Kindness, making good choices

High Vibe rituals - Find your own and do them daily, weekly and monthly

Then the magic really starts to happen!

High Frequency living is good health, clarity and connection

Its really very simple, you don't need to be a quantum physicist to understand what feels good and what doesn't

When something or someone is vibrating at a low frequency, it feels like an energy drain, it is unwell and it is drawing energy from you to sustain itself

Alternatively when we are around high frequency people and experiences, we are energised and charged!

There are some basic rules to frequency, like attracts like & opposites repel each other

I know when I am around someone or something that is completely low frequency and has been for sometime, I feel repelled and tired.

The old mentality was to have to go in and do the internal work to understand what it is about them I need to learn from, to accept within myself or heal in some way.

Now I understand it as an energy thing rather than a self development thing and I make the healthiest choices for me around that understanding...

Humanity is evolving, when we are true to what our energy is telling us, we stop pushing shit uphill! It is not in our head, its in our bodies! Simples!!!

It makes it easier to make the decisions as to who and what I am meant to be around and who & what I can't, totally without judgement but purely based on what is best for my wellbeing. When we honour that knowing, all just flows without drama or health issues.

We always have the choice & these days we all have to take pristine responsibility with our choices or suffer the consequences and throw out our spirits path in this lifetime!

After all, integrated people have their whole being in alignment - Physically, Emotionally Mentally and Spiritually - Thats alignment & thats the ultimate!!

So knowing that, we can start with observing what lifts us and what drains us, on all levels!

It's as simple as asking the questions...

How did that food make me feel? How does that person make me feel? How does that thought make me feel?

Then change it or don't change it but what a damn shame if you don't!

Frequency fluctuates with our lifestyle choices, our eating habits, practices and with the people we chose to have in our lives, it's as simple as that!

So how do we keep our frequency high?

Most of you know exactly what brings it down, so why do we keep going back into low frequency toxicity when it makes us feel like crap?!

Sadly the human condition has an underlying psyche and that is we are not good enough, we don't deserve it or we are already on such a low frequency that its almost better the devil we know. We also get stuck in the old models of looking into the mirror and feeling we have to do some work to heal or learn from something, it's actually not that hard anymore, its instantaneous

When we are low frequency its often hard to take the 1st step towards lifting ourselves out of it. It helps to start with daily affirmations "I am good enough" "I am worth it" "I am loved" (even if you don't believe it! Fake it till you make it)

Then we can start to book the treatments, choose the right foods, daily practices and rituals, experiences and connections that will support your frequency instead of draining it!

Being in the business of frequency & regularly doing energy clearing and balancing work on myself and my clients, I know how important it is to keep the frequencies as high as possible to stay energised and clear.

Even so sometimes our frequency is not balanced due to environmental elements so I started looking for some support and found HEALY

This device that lifts your frequency simply and effectively!

Healy - everyone should own one!!

Ask me about it and I'll hook you up through Resonate Therapy, that way you get all the info and bonus applications!


These days we are aware of energy more than any other time in our history! We are entering another Golden era! The age of Aquarius. We are changing and evolving, the old methods and ways are no longer working for humanity or the Earth much less do they make sense so let's rise into what our energy needs! New tools, new ways based on ancient knowledge! Integrated health, integrated living!

When we are clear we are connected to everything that resonates with our truth and purpose we can dance with our lives and experiences with love and happiness radiating from our beings!


I would love to share more of this with you at my weekend workshop

19th & 20th September - Temple Byron - Byron Bay

The Connection Programme

is all about high frequency practices, life style choices and tools for living in these changing times!

Our programme is jam packed this year with some incredible guest speakers to share their wisdom, here is a sneak peak at the programme so far

Day 1

Welcome to Country

Opening Ritual - Sacred Space/Intention Setting

Create your own Intention Sigil

Morning break

Chakra/Endocrine Systems

Earth Star Meditation

Lunch/Food as Medicine chat with Karen Burge

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing and light language with Danielle & Tameera

Closing our sacred space

Day 2

Opening sacred space

Numerology & Astrology with Tameera

Meridians and the elements

Morning break

Meridian clearing yoga postures

Lunch/Food as medicine - Spring foods chat on eating seasonally

Shamanic Sound immersion and closing Circle with Peter Bowden



As our Food as medicine component this year, we will have the amazing Karen Burge from the Church of Umbuntu in Newcastle, Karen will be sharing some amazing Hemp recipes and share this am

Karen Burge will be joining us to share her passion on the nutritional, medicinal and disease prevention benefits of consuming the Cannabis/Hemp plant.

6 yrs Ago Karen was living with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, obesity, severe chronic fatigue, Graves’ disease and a 30yr sugar addiction and yo-yo diet habit.

I am looking forward to joining you all, to show you how easy it is Take your health back into your own hands and learn to consume food as medicine.

In my experience of being a part of running at wellness clinic for the last six years the most important thing I have learnt is, firstly, that it is easy to try and prevent disease than treat it and our health is really is our biggest asset. Karen will be providing hemp food and recipes


We are blessed to have the Tameera - Master Numerologist and Astrologer to share her deep insights with us! Through this transforming session discover: Numbers and planets that follow you around, wake up calls and life changing transits & Soul insight

The essentials on reading astrology charts and numerology blueprints.

Compatibility – are we soulmates or talking another language?

Pinnacles… How four major life cycles affect you and how to work them out.

Your personal year… Understand your energies and make the best of your year.

Your home revealed through numerology and how to change your luck!

You’ll also be gifted with your astrology chart and numerology blueprint.


Peter Bowden will be guiding us through a Shamanic meditation journey. He is an Australian Indigenous Medicine Man who has been drawn by his ancestors to walk this earth, learning and teaching the beauty way through Shamanism.

Over the past 30 years Peter has been sharing traditional earth based medicine teachings, sacred stories and healings passed to him by shamanic elders and wisdom keepers from around the world.

Peter shares these teachings, both in his native land, and abroad. In the flow of discovering through personal initiation, Peter started on his journey with shamanic teachings for his own healing. He has lived among and learnt from native peoples holding the wisdom he was seeking.

Through this direct connection, guidance and commitment to this path, Peter has been blessed with life changing gifts he now has the pleasure of sharing with others.

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