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Returning to Natural Lore

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

Can you feel the gentleness of the Pisces New moon?

It feels like we are being wrapped in coral coloured wings whilst inhaling the sweetest nectars....

Euphoric and creative all at once...

This is what it is like to have a symbiotic relationship with Heaven & Earth and this is Natural Lore

Pure joy in connecting with these energies are the gifts of being human.

We are here to live in harmony with all that is provided in Eden on Pachamama.

Over the past few thousand years, this connection has been slowly eroded

There seems to be two timelines unfolding.. those who are returning to the ancient ways intended for humanity and those who are following a corrupt program designed to keep us disempowered, in debt and sick...

I know which one I am choosing....

There is no doubt there is a division happening within the human race...

It hasn't happened overnight, people have been fusing into the matrix of medical and technological manipulation for decades and now we are seeing two distinctly different realities emerging...

The slow but intentional programming has eroded the sensory aspect of humanity, the inherent extrasensory human abilities have finally left the building for the vast majority.

When we are fully connected we have inherent knowing that does not come from a book, the news or a lecturer.

We can chanel information from our higher selves, our ancestors, guides and nature.

We can heal ourselves and others, we work with our inherent life-force that becomes more potent the longer we use it.

We can feel the inherent connection of everything in our realm.

Sadly, those of us who work with these inherent human abilities, are being demonised.

Anything out of the created norm is considered conspiracy and censored regardless of the facts being shared. A modern witch and book burning is occurring!

Cancel culture is being encouraged as part of the agenda to divide humanity, encouraging those who believe the current narrative, to attack those who have a different perspective because they access their information elsewhere. Shadow banning on social media and other platforms is beyond invasive, controlling and extremely alarming, I have renamed the culprits Go You Twit Face (Google, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook)

Medications have calcified through endocrine systems, Main stream media and devices have programmed brains with a holographic narrative of "normality" removing those from their fullest capacity as human beings.

The only natural connection most are experiencing is in sterile parks and controlled environments. The opportunity to re-wild is being systematically removed

The polarisation of humanity is a game created by those intending to disempower those with important knowledge not found on MSM, in schools or universities

This is why we are seeing truth speakers de-platfomed by the thousands!

Censorship is not to protect the people, it is to protect those creating the narratives...

The truth is we are so much more than what is being force fed

We have the most magnificent abilities, I know all of you have had times when you have tapped into your divinity, that is what it means to be whole!

When we maintain that vibrance, we are able to sense and communicate energetically

We have the ability to work with the energies of the earth, the sun, cosmic rays & light codes

De fragging from the matrix is a process, it happens once we start to remove hard chemicals from our diet and products we use in our bodies and in our homes.

It happens when we choose to buy local, spray free & organic produce and prepare our foods from scratch It happens when we practice ancient modalities like yoga and meditation, Qi Gong and breath work to clear the energetic anatomy which deepens the connection to spirit.

We return when we learn how to work with and trust becoming sensory

What are the benefits of unplugging from the unnatural world?

* Becoming sensory - the ability to feel & trust what is true and right for your own being

* True immunity - built from an understanding of holistic health

* Authentic connections - to our sacred Self, to like resonant humans, to the spirit of the earth & all who reside here.

* A deeper understanding of our ancient souls

* Working with frequency and what is inherently presenting - following the love and dropping the mindset of pushing to achieve what the ego wants, instead allowing the natural flow of what is presenting in your life - this applies to our relationships, our work, our purpose and our evolution

* Our circadian rhythms become balanced

* The natural flow of life returns

* Simplifying - EVERYTHING

To be honest, it is a much easier way to exist

Our circadian rhythms are refreshed when we are in sync with the seasons and those of us that live that way seem to have a deeper understanding of the cycles of life because our bodies are actually seasonal, they have different functions and needs at each quarter turn -

The natural physical expansion and contraction that happens within us throughout the year is guided by our meridians and the cosmic alignments so fine tuning to work with them is important.

Sacred knowledge is discovered as we consciously unravel from the everyday constructs that only exist in the mind, do not allow your magnificent human abilities to be intentionally eroded, strengthen your spiritual and emotional bodies

Just like a Harry Potter book, there are the muggles and there are those who understand & work with energy, frequency and natural lore.

How do we return to Natural Lore? Simple....

*Eat the most nutritious, seasonal spray free or organic food

*De-chemicalising and detoxing your body, minds and homes

*Choose natural medicines for everyday ailments

*Choose alternative doctor and practitioners

*Spend as much time possible in nature

*Immerse in yoga postures and philosophies

*Follow the channellings of revolutionary speakers and innovators

*Study the practices of Green medicos & natural therapists

*Spend time out of the mind everyday, Meditate

*Allow yourself to be loved and witnessed, heart communicate with your loved ones

*Receive, pray & share

*Look at and acknowledge your trauma, integrate your shadow and dissolve the layers of programmed rubbish to rediscover your soul and your purpose

*Embody your spirits journey in your bohdi

*Honour ancient methodology over modern constructs

*Seek out your local indigenous Elders and practice Dadirri (listen with more than your ears)

*Feel before you think

If only we could find the organic balance between the most innovative designs of the modern world & the wisdoms of the ancient world.....what a wonderful world it would be.

We have the ability to dream that world into being when we work as a conscious collective!

Humans are incredible beings, we are natural creators & innovators

We are just here to remind each other....









This magical weekend immersion includes:

Welcome to country

Smudging ceremony

Sacred space & Intention setting

Wisdom sharing on The Chakra & Meridian systems

Meridian Yoga

Crystal Bowl sound Healing

Tools & Practices for Vibrant Living

Food as Medicine

High vibrational & seasonal morning Tea & Lunch

Guest Speaker

Closing Ritual

And much more....

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