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SUFFERING and shadow work

Updated: Dec 20, 2022 one wants it... but there it is... like the elephant in every room,

dancing around in a black Tutu

Suffering is prevalent in every human life... no matter how privileged or "enlightened" no one escapes it

We all love being Happy....we spend so much energy striving for things that bring us pleasure.

The expansion that comes from those experiences is celebrated and shared freely with our loved ones.

Yet the Lore of opposites tells us that where there is Pleasure there is Pain,

where there is Happiness there is Suffering

Humanity is so uncomfortable with it… no one knows what to say when people are in suffering, no one wants to see or deal with it but it exists all the same!

Every human has or will experience it and still it is so difficult to accept or acknowledge in others

I am not talking about clinical depression or mental health conditions

I am talking about everyday pain caused by the breakups, the death of loved ones, illness, disease, the loss of something or someone dear, the yearning, the desperation for more of something & the stressors of survival in everyday life

Suffering is the silent driving force behind every sales & marketing campaign all over the world.

Wherever you look someone will be selling you a fix all, preying on the suffering vulnerabilities of humanity, all offering the Big Red Pill that will end your suffering and make you happy forever and a day! But does it ever... really?

The reality is there is no escaping this human condition and nor should we try...

When something exists do we just ignore it or do we dig deeper to understand its importance…?

It is important because it guides us into our Shadow work, knowing & acknowledging your deepest fears, desires & triggers, this is where our greatest growth lays hidden until we are confronted with it

It is in the suffering that we have the greatest opportunity to know ourselves better

It is there for a reason or there would be no suffering on earth

There is a process involved in suffering, it can't be denied or avoided

When it is acknowledge as a vital tool for growth, it's gifts are profound!

As a sensitive, I have had so much suffering in my life that I have now come to a deep place of acceptance for her when she visits

I also know she will leave in time and until she does, I practice acceptance and drop deeply into the processing tools that work for me

I truly believe that when you can come to accept the things that cause you suffering, the pain dissipates and it no long has power over you

The medicine for suffering is to do the Shadow work, dig deep into the pain and look it in the face, to not be afraid to ask the why's and how's

My experience with suffering is that it has extracted the very best in me

It has forced me to unravel untruths I have been programmed with, it has taken me so deeply into my essence & core beliefs that when I emerged from it, I could never be the same again

It guides you to soften, to become more whole, more generous & deeply empathetic to the suffering of others

It strengthens your connection to God through prayer & meditation

It leads you to practice gratitude, vulnerability and humility

It teaches you to do whatever you can to help those in need

It connects you with powerful energy moving practices

It reminds you to deeply honour and care for yourself

Some medicine tools in your time of suffering

Spend time on your own & consider it sacred time for you to dive into your shadow and don't be afraid of the pain. It is your Ally, there to guide you into your wisdom!

Be discerning about who you spend your down time with, misery loves company and you don't want to end up caretaking others while they are in their suffering instead of nurturing your own process.

Clear yourself and your environments with sage, essential oils and candles, put a picture of yourself on your altar and surround it with your favourite crystals and sacred objects

Pray & Meditate

Praying is giving your hearts concerns to Source (God) whatever or whoever that means to you. Ask your questions and share your struggles, it is beautiful to be in the arms of unconditional love while you are going through hard times (and all times).

Pray from your hearts intention for the best possible out come

Meditating is receiving from Source (God)

Breathe energy and light into your physical body, release the tensions, expand through the tight areas and wash the heaviness out of you with breath and light, no thought involved

Become aware of the energy around your body, the half a metre of space above around & below you

Take yourself there and breathe deeply into your sacred space

This energy is connected to everything, Source, the Mother Earth, the trees & all the vibrations of sound and light

Spend some time there clearing your energies and the energies of others out of your field, come back to your Self, breathe deeply and receive. You may just get your answers

Work with natural Nervous system calmatives:

Essential oils: Bergamot, Lavender Vetiver Oil, Ylang Ylang, Frankincense, Geranium, Jasmine, Chamomile & Rose

Herbs & Root tinctures: Kava, Valerian, Milky oat tops & Skullcap

Tea: Chamomile Tea, Green Tea. Passionflower Tea. Lemon Balm Tea, Rose Tea, Peppermint Tea, Valerian Root Tea, Lavender Tea.

Sending your mind to the naughty corner

Persistently thinking about the cause of your suffering will only send you into an adrenal response

This response is designed to save you not to burn you out

Do not allow your chemical balance (cortisol) to be effected by your stressors

Our brain is the computer that controls all the chemical and hormonal balance of our bodies. It does not know the difference between a relationship breakup or a lion attacking you so it will react by releasing the cortisol that sends us into a fight, flight or freeze reaction which will come on like a massive anxiety attack if you are in a location where you can't fight, fly or freeze!

When you find yourself thinking about the stressors, you have 17 seconds to turn those thoughts around before your brain reacts

You are in control, not your brain, flip the thoughts and distract yourself

Treat your Food as medicine

Think about nourishing your body with rich nutrients and design a seasonal, food as medicine meal then go source some nutritional ingredients to make your soul food

Create a High vibrational meal to lift your physical energy


walk, paddle, yoga, swim whatever your flavour is, do it! It's a great clarifier!

Create something

Write, dance, sing, paint, play with children, plant a garden

Nurture your inner child

Consider your child in the state you are in right now, what would you say to him or her? Do the same for your Self!

Know your numerology & Astrology

An annual astrology chart and numerology reading will give you some insights to what is going to transpire throughout the year and is extremely beneficial to reference when you are going through difficult times


There are Authors who specialise in what is causing your suffering, find those books, read them and write those pearls of wisdom in your journal

Self reflection

How many times you have felt this way before. Recognise your patterns and the core of what is creating this dross in your being. Is there a trigger that is familiar to you?

There is a blueprint of lessons to learn in each lifetime and reoccurring suffering is a doorway to deeply knowing your self, accepting your Self and unlocks the wisdom behind it

Healing Treatments

You may need to do some somatic work to release some embedded heavy energy or HUCHA as the Peruvian shaman call it. Book a treatment that includes Somatic Breathwork, Rebirthing, Energetic Massage, Energy Balancing or Kineseology

Throughout history, in every culture, religion and philosophy, suffering is documented and acknowledged, here are some pearls of ancient wisdom to draw on

Buddhism teaches the Four Noble Truths

Suffering, pain, and misery exist in life

Suffering arises from attachment to desires

Suffering ceases when attachment to desire ceases

Freedom from suffering is possible by practicing the Eightfold Path

Right view

Right intention

Right speech

Right action

Right livelihood

Right effort

Right mindfulness

Right concentration


Hindus believe that there are certain life lessons to be learned before achieving moksha - freedom & liberation

The concept of karma conveys that suffering is part of life. Suffering is a result of past thoughts and actions either in this life or a previous life. By enduring suffering, a Hindu "pays for" or cancels past negative actions.


Christians believe that is through suffering, you connect with God, by walking the path of Jesus and his suffering, you are received into the Kingdom of God and all sins are forgiven. Suffering is seen as a blessing.


Suffering is either the painful result of sin, or it is a test.

Suffering tests belief; a true Muslim will remain faithful through the trials of life. But suffering also reveals the hidden self to God. Suffering is built into the fabric of existence so that God may see who is truly righteous. In other words, God not only allows the various agonies and struggles of life, but has a purpose for them.

In the latter view, suffering tests belief; a true Muslim will remain faithful through the trials of life. But suffering also reveals the hidden self to God. Suffering is built into the fabric of existence so that God may see who is truly righteous. In other words, God not only allows the various agonies and struggles of life, but has a purpose for them

Vedic philosophy

Identified in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the five Kleshas or 'afflictions' are:

Avidya (ignorance)

Asmita (egoism)

Raga (attachment)

Dvesa (aversion or hatred)

Abinivesah (clinging to life and fear of death)

These ancient understandings show us that Suffering is a natural part of existence and when processed with emotional intelligence and RIGHT action, it is as important as our happy moment

Happiness & suffering are sisters, flowing together like a never ending Yin Yang symbol, both as important and as inherent as each other


To better know your shadow and to discover potent spiritual tools there are 2 workshops planned this year so far, we are working on dates for Sydney & Victoria

Brisbane May 3rd

Byron September 19th & 20th

This one day immersion will help you release dormant energies through sacred space clearing, intention setting, learning how to access your chakra system, breath work, meditation and sound healing

To enquire or book visit

This Annual weekend workshop attracts those who are energetically aware and wish to further their knowledge, it includes

Welcome to Country

Opening Ritual - Sacred Space/Intention Setting

Crystal Wisdom

Chakra/Endocrine Systems - Pineal gland

Earth Star Meditation

Crystal Bowl sound healing

Closing a sacred space

Opening sacred space

Meridians and the elements

Meridian clearing yoga postures

Clear channel meditation

Shamanic sound healing

Closing Ritual

Food as medicine lunch and morning Tea provided

Stunning Crystalline location in Byron Bay

To enquire or book

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