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What do you need Right now

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

How often do you check in with your divine self?

So often we have days that don't feel quite right but we just keep pushing through without stopping to even ask...

"What is it that I need right now?"

Well it is amazing when we actually do ask our SELF & the answers come swiftly when we don't overthink it

It's simply aligning your energy to receive from the divine

Its really just creating sacred space to refine the shift between the frequency of the unconscious mental activity and the higher consciousness available to you!

Ask Divine source, what is it that I need right now?

Is it support, is it rest, is it a hug, is it direction?

What ever it may be, take it into meditation, breathe it into your being and receive it!

Observe what happens in your psyche when you ask? Does your mind tell you have no right to ask or that its silly to even ask? Maybe it is telling you that you don't deserve what you need? Perhaps you feel someone else should be giving you what you need?

What you need has its own frequency and feeling, when we attune to it we can adjust our frequency to attract it with our own majestic magnetic life force!

Whatever your mind is saying, be the observer then swiftly send your mind to the naughty corner and come back into the depth of your breathe, allow the breathe to take you away from the frequency of the mental body gently ushering you into your emotional body & into your heart

Feel into what it is like to truly receive from the deepest place of love... let that drop deeply into your being, you deserve to receive and drink deeply of the etheric love and support available to you... believe it

Receive it

You are now adjusting your atomic frequency to match that which is available to you

You are deeply loved & worthy to receive at the deepest levels

Visioning Meditation

Clear the space with sage or palo Santo, light a candle, make yourself comfortable

Consciously drop out of your mental activity

Connect with your divine self, come into present time

Take some time to clear your sacred space and breathe light and energy through your energetic pathways

Use your breath as the vehicle to clear the density in your physical and emotional bodies

Breath deeply in for 4 and out for 4 until you are completely present

Connect to the heart of the Mother Earth and the heart of the Father - Christ - allow the light to anchor you between both hearts

Receive their unconditional love and light

Breathe into the balance your own masculine and feminine energies

See your being giving & receiving in equal measure

Visualise your torus moving through and around you clearing limitations and drawing more light into your entire SELF

Open yourself to divine support and call in your guides, angels and ancestors of the highest light - greet them and ask for their guidance & support

Feel the depth of the connection and allow gratitude to flow through

Become timeless in this higher realm as your highest self

Dream in your visualisation connected to the frequency of what you need

Allow it to flow through in present time

In the now you are with creator

In the now you create

Have awareness of the geometry of your need and where it is in your sphere

Breathe it into alignment, Breathe it into your subtle energy bodies & atoms

The breath is the vehicle and the tool for recalibration of your highest heart codes

Your soul memory and gifts are accessible

Bathe in the knowing of your ancient abilities and ancestral guidance

What do you see, what are you dreaming into that space

This is your creative space

This is the dreaming,

Weave your visions in gently and with purity & much love

Use your breathe to integrate the vision into into every atom & through your energetic bodies

Anchor the light between both polarities of heaven & earth

Set your intentions of protection & divine connection within your column of light

Set your vision into your sacred space, feel it, receive it in present time

Smile as you receive it & feel deep gratitude

Thank your guides & ancestors

Ground your energy and come back into your physical body

Sit for a moment observing the lightness in your being

Bring your awareness back into the alignment in your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual bodies integrating them as one

Remember this is always accessible to you

Blessings of the highest light



The Connection Programme

21st & 22nd August

Temple Byron - Byron Bay

We are creative beings just like the Divine source that created us

Accessing those abilities is simply a breath away

This weekend workshop is full of energetic tools and practices for the everyday light workers, empaths & energetically aware souls

Now more than ever, these tools are crucial for balance, support & protection

Facilitated at the enchanted Temple Byron, created to align your deepest connection to the ancient healing arts of the subtle energy bodies

Come back to your sacred self in a safe container with like resonant souls

Light workers, empaths, therapists, Mamas

All who are awake to spiritual connection are welcome

You will experience:

Welcome to country by our local Arakawal custodians

Traditional Smoking ceremony

Sacred space & intention setting

Connection practice

Chakra wisdom

Pineal gland wisdom

Chakra meditation

Divine Guest speaker

Crystal Bowl Sound Journey

Meridian Wisdom

Meridian Yoga

Meridian Meditation

Shamanic drumming circle

Food as medicine

Seasonal organic morning tea & lunch

To secure your spot

For more information


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