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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

What can compare to the beauty and mastery of nature and humanity co-creating?

This is the natural way that has existed for millennia!

Many of us are now waking up to the disconnection & destruction that is evident world-wide and reprogramming ourselves back to the ancient, natural lores.

As humans, we have a symbiont connection with the earth, both physically and energetically, for many of us its emotional as well.

She gives us all we need and as our Mother, we honour her!

There is so much devastation happening on our Earth, it's not uncommon for the Earth keepers to feel helpless with every new "natural" disaster, the energy of despair is everywhere!

So how do we stay positive and active throughout these times...?

After working with energy for years, I am very aware of the energies that take us out! I am very protective of my energy, I refuse to allow low frequencies take my life force.

Someone recently said to me that “it is easier said than done when your life force is slowly being diminished by chemicalised food, wifi, pharmaceuticals and ecological devastation”

What I see is when you start to allow those factors to diminish you, you might as well give up…

You allow in the “Hungry Ghosts” (fear as depicted in Buddhist traditions) which slowly eat away at your energy and leave you powerless.

In these changing times, we always have free will & choice!

We can chose to allow those energies to take us out & allow the despair to reduce us or we can chose to keep our life-force high & unite to create an energetic change

Everything is connected, this is science!

These concepts are vague for so many but they exist both in the spiritual world and the scientific world

We are more powerful that we realise but it is part of the grand master plan to diminish our innate power and render us useless and helpless….

The medicine shaman of Peru do not see the separation between the spiritual and the physical, to them it is all one and apart of our human anatomy

All we have to do is choose to work with our energy

There are energetically aware mentors sharing their wisdom globally

One of them is Charles Eisenstein - he is a public speaker, gift economy advocate, and the author of several books including The Ascent of Humanity, Sacred Economics, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know Is Possible and Climate-A new Story

He speaks of Morphic resonance - the energy that connects all living beings and the quantum lore behind Cause and Effect

A change that happens anywhere creates a field of change so that the same change happens anywhere else

From our very origins, we were created to execute our free will and choice

It is in our very design…

History shows us, when our own free will and choice is suppressed, it creates anarchy and chaos

When our natural rite to choose is removed or controlled, the pendulum swings in opposition, this is the nature of humanity!

A change of perception is what is required, I find I get baffled looks when I talk about our energetic power. These concepts are been reduced to myth or magic but have been documented throughout history as fact

Witches were burned for performing energetic acts, yogis levitate, materialise and dematerialise, indigenous call the rain energetically and speak to their ancestors in the spirit realms….there are many examples of energetic powers in human history yet we still think this is beyond our capabilities

So why are we allowing the atrocities happening on Planet Earth!?

Because we have been de-sensitised by media normalisation of said atrocities!

So what has been NORMALISED

Wifi, Devices, Excessive pharmaceuticals, mass extinction, climate change, the business of medicine and medical treatments, Chemicalised/processed food, Inhumane meat production and export, Genetically modified grains, plastic usage, fossil fuel mining, Non voluntary vaccinations, De-forestation , manufacturing pollutants, clearing of ancient rainforests & trees for ridiculous reasons, cancer causing poisons in our body & cleaning products, displacement of humanity for mining gains, refugee camps… I could go on & on

The industrial revolution has bred greed in the name of business, power & economy

Normalising inhumanity and the destruction of our home, The Earth! The earth is an intrinsic part of our ability to connect to our own energetic powers.

We each individually know what is inherently good for us. Humanity is supremely intelligent on a multitude of levels, we can intuit from other parts of ourselves away from mind based theory that has become the mainstream way of how we live. What most don’t know is that we have a sensory capacity that is DELIBERATELY being made extinct and it seems we are now in a place where we have unknowingly allowed certain powers to discern how we live for us…

This reprogramming and DNA restructuring has not been executed by mistake….

For centuries, particularly the past century, certain programmes have been slowly filtered through mediums such as politics, religion, modern medicine, mainstream media, marketing, advertising, to normalise deceptive intentions.

These limiting programmes have infiltrated our neural pathways/psyche and become compos mentis (NORMAL) to the detriment of our magnificent human potential

I am not into fear mongering, in fact I believe that humanity has the capacity to change everything with our collective consciousness, I feel no need for despair, it is all just a cycle, a full circle coming back with powerful confirmation

Collective consciousness exists and it is a powerful tool

You may see yourself as an individual making individual choices, thats the illusion of freedom but when you dig deep, where did those choices come from? Is there another way outside of the box of choices presented to you? Would you even recognise another way if it was in front of you?

It works like this…

We you can convince the masses that it is safe and normal, that then determines the status quo for the whole… anyone working outside of the status quo is deemed to be a freak and is excluded or ridiculed which removes the responsibility of the destructive creator so effectively, the population then control each other

Our human conditioning has been manipulated

But this phenomena is also a blessing, it undoubtedly proves we are all connected and our collective consciousness has wings....

On my journey of reconnection, it feels so confirming to have discovered a world wide movement of phenomenal, highly educated way-seers, re-wilders, earth keepers, ancient indigenous communities, alternative medicine practitioners, light workers, sensitives and empaths in all walks of life

They are not the conspiracy theorists or extreme left wingers that some might assume…

Amongst the phenomenal array of change makers are children, natural and alternative therapy practitioners, artists and family makers there are also doctors, psychiatrists, engineers and corporate moguls (to name a few)

Its sad that humanity needs titles for natural living to be credible for our awakening to even be acknowledged but this is all a part of it unfortunately

There are literally millions of us all doing our bit to be the pebble in the pond

Bringing awareness to de-programming and unplugging from the matrix of "NORMALITY" that is slowly killing us, under the agenda that hides behind the word economy!

It is evident that the powers that think they be, are guiding us into ways that are detrimental to our health, vitality and our very survival

They have very cleverly introduced theses dangerous ways of living systematically over decades, much like the frog in the pot analogy, we are slowly being cooked in the name of normalisation and energetic disempowerment

This process has taken decades of programming the world populations

One example is the vaccines of the early 1900’s, yes they saved lives, my grandmother carried 6 of her 13 brothers and sisters to hospital with diphtheria, she came home alone after they all died… when the vaccine for this disease was introduced they all rejoiced! Children no longer had to die, this created a deep trust in vaccines and western medicine that her generation still worships today. What few of her generation know is that over the past 4 decades, western medicine has become a shop front for the huge business of Pharmaceuticals. It is also intrinsically connected to the business of sickness, the people that own these pharmaceutical companies are not about saving lives anymore, they are about money and control

It's easy to see how from the light of early medicine became the shadow of greed behind western medicine today.

This model is just one example of how profit has become the justification for the atrocities affecting us today

Those of us putting themselves out there to make others aware of the unhealthy albeit deadly programs permeating our existence, become an easy target for those who feel overwhelmed by the whole concept of a strategic programming of humanity. Cognitive dissonance is rife!

The fact that a multitude of ancient cultures understand how energy works without ever being exposed to media is all the proof I need.

I prefer to humbly stand with my global family as a beacon for those already on that path and are seeking like minded souls to work with.

Everyday I witness people taking action, talking about what changes they are making and implementing new and old ways to restore balance.... it is so energising…

A huge percentage of the global population is waking up!

Conversations about ancient practices such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation are becoming mainstream again, fortifying our energy fields is now recognised for the powerful tools they are!

Many are detoxing from processed foods, inhumane meats, choosing spray and chemical free or organic fruits and vegetables, excluding chemicals from their diets and homes, becoming aware of the effects of genetically modified food and preservatives, choosing to spend time in nature instead of their computers or in bars, making conscious choices to limit their exposure to EMF radiation, pollution and mainstream media, limiting/eliminating their use of single use plastics, making choices to say no to mandatory vaccinations for their children and themselves by seeking out alternative medicines and healing practices, making choices around renewable energy, discerning which ethical companies they use for energy, clothing, food and consumer goods by understanding the ripple effect those choices have on the environments and communities, making choices around the business of addiction, alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals, consumerism & gravitating towards conscious & ethical leadership in politics and workplaces

I have been a student of ancient modalities for most of my adult life, these practices have been in existence for thousands of years and for good reason

They activate a part of our anatomy that is not acknowledged by western medicine, our energetic pathways

These pathways open us to our fullest capacity

They give us access to our inherent ability to create and receive beyond what the physical world offers, empowering us as our own creators

It is not rocket science to understand that certain establishments most definitely do not want a self healing, empowered human race, there would be no control, power or money in supporting The Light Way….

We are experiencing a new time on earth

It is no longer about one party determining what is right or wrong, good or bad for the global population, it is about free choice

It is demonstrated in many new publications, in the language being used by conscious speakers and leaders followed up by the action they are taking

We are witnessing and addressing all that does not resonate with our natural state of being

Some of us are waking up and making the changes necessary, this is not an easy process, we are coming up against some malevolent forces that are trying to control our decisions to live in harmony with our natural environment

You may feel like you are alone while you are making choices that lead you into a harmonious symmetry with life but I want you to know you are not!

There are millions of us doing exactly what you are doing…


Our physical bodies know, our mental bodies are reprogramming and our emotional bodies are re-wilding and the gift is that our energetic bodies are finally reconnecting us to our true knowing AND COLLECTIVELY THAT MAKES US POWERFUL!

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