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Cosmic Connection

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

I'm a believer of true astrology, not the Sunday paper kind of astrology, the kind that weaves myth & historical events into moments in time, the kind that has you on your knees, gazing upwards at the mercy of the ethers....humbling humanity in it's ancient, mystical chronology.

It's accuracy never ceases to inspire me. The planets effortlessly moving through the galaxy, each on its own individual path but also working as a collective, never colliding and always expanding.

Each planet with its own unique energy, aligning with its cosmic brethren to create a new story in every rotation, every square or conjunction, subtly and significantly shifting the consciousness for us here on "Gaia" Planet Earth

They send a pertinent message for all who seek their wisdom.

Indigenous cultures all over Earth know how to intuit the stars.

Many of them believe our ancestors came from the stars, our own Australian indigenous & the Peruvian Shaman talk of the Seven sisters being our origins "The Pleiades"

The oldest rock art in Australia depicts seven stars and the beings that came here, the Elders of those tribes still tell the stories in their dreamtime.

Grandma Nelly Napanangka Patterson, The Anangu Elder of Uluru, tells the history of our origins in her New Way Dreaming story, her art depicting seven stars.

I recently sat with some profound Elders, the Yolgnu women of North East Arnhem Land. I actively listened, with more than my ears, as they shared their story of Djulpan, the Seven sisters.

The western world has forgotten our place in the universe and these ancient wisdoms that, when understood, support us through life.

The interpretations help us navigate our feelings and emotions and better understand the happenings & events that are taking place around us. More than that, this cosmology teaches us that we are all connected, eternally cycling and dancing with these fluxes which bringing us into presence and align us with our origins. If we are still enough, we can feel it all.

There is so much happening in the cosmic climate at the moment, I find it fascination making correlations to the happenings on Earth

As above So below, so get in the know....

I am forever committed to all that keeps us connected!

I highly recommend finding an astrologer that speaks your language!

My favourites are

Tameera -

Kaypacha at New Paradigm Astrology -

Sensitive people work with these energies, dancing with the fluctuations regardless of how heavy or light they are, knowing that we are somehow intricately apart of it all!

Sadly, trauma upon trauma is within humanity, carried from our lineage and procreated in each individual. It is our responsibility to seek our own individual ways to bring the light back into our atoms and release the density in ourselves.

That density & distraction in our mental body's blocks our energetic connection

My formula to equalise the energy between mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies is to "Clear, Connect & Protect"

Understanding the cosmic forces enables that Connection

The ancients knew the methods to clear and connect, they understood they were way more than flesh and blood.

Ceremony around celestial events are powerful practices that instil balance, peace and a greater connection to the higher realms

Incorporating these 'Practices" into everyday is a beautiful way to get out of your mind and into you complete being

Cosmic Blessings to you all 🌙


Join us at our next weekend workshop to Connect with many more energetic tools & practices that will lift your frequency and support your spiritual growth

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