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Updated: Aug 23, 2021

New moons are the best time to reset!

The energies have been running high, we have been processing at a phenomenal rate, whether we realise it or not....lets get profoundly honest with ourselves, ask yourself "What is it that I need?"

Lets ground this powerful energy we are working with and Integrate!

This month has been especially challenging with Mercury in retrograde for the past 3 weeks, it has been a plethora of miscommunications and stuff going wrong or not happening at all!

When it all feels too much, too much too do, too much to achieve, too much to bear... overwhelming ourselves with shoulds, woulds & coulds.....


Pretty much everyday, I see physical, emotional and mental exhaustion in my clients, friends and family. We all reach these points at some stage in our lives and some are experiencing it on a daily basis for years on end...

It is SOO detrimental your health to indulge in this state of mind, it affects us on every level! I find most do not have a clue how to stop the negative cycle of stress, worry, exhaustion which only ever leads to burn out.

It reminds me to slow down and remember why I have made the changes I'v made in my life, why I choose to live in the present, peacefully and in my own natural rhythm... I have healed my adrenal burnout by practicing being in the now, staying centred and moving to the beat of my very own heart works!

I follow a medical anthropologist in Peru called Alberto Villoldo, he has been initiated into the ancient ways of shamanism through his studies in South America. Truly a wise and integrated soul with much to share!

His understanding of Flow is this:

"There is a natural movement of events in the world. You can see it in the tides, the ebb and flow of oceans and rivers that rise up from the earth and then flow to the sea. Flow represents the effortless and natural movement towards a certain destination. It signifies an ability to gracefully move around obstacles and reminds you of the sense of allowing...

No amount of mental, physical or emotional pushing against the grain has ever been known to solve our problems so why to we keep doing this to ourselves?

The answer is in our programming, how we have been taught to deal with our obstacles in a totally man made way!

We are of the earth and it makes sense to follow the natural laws of the earth...To Flow....

Learning new but ancient tools and incorporating these practices into our daily lives is the way forward! Life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs, that is just a fact! We can't stop the curve balls but we can save ourselves a whole lot of unnecessary health issues if we could just flow with the changes, like a dance, out of our minds and into our energetic understanding!

The lesson is to allow what is distressing us to happen and then to remove the attachment to the outcome! The art of non-attachment is a gift and the way to flowing in harmony with life's occurrences instead of pushing against it!

It frees us from the useless mental stress that eventually burns out our adrenals and causes so many physical ailments its ridiculous!! There is reason why they say "Stress Kills"

NON ATTACHMENT and ALLOWING is a gentle place within us that we don't visit often enough, we are conditioned to continually push to achieve our desired outcomes, to try harder, to succeed in our goals and ambitions but our emotional & spiritual growth is just as important. To be able to utilise different aspects of ourselves to expand and create, is as much a part of this journey as our professional, relationship and financial achievements, if not more important on a soul level!

So what are some of the tools and practices we can use to take ourselves out of this state of being and into flow

1) Practice non attachment

All things in life are forever changing, living in the present moment opens the possibility to the many other ways we can create our dreams Fixing on and holding on to one way, person and/0r one outcome is only going to create disharmony within our being. The art of letting go!

2) See the big picture, practice the Eagles perspective - seeing the situation from outside of yourself, witnessing the big picture.

If we could acknowledge that this life and all its experiences, are part of a larger universal picture, we would find it easier to let go and accept the challenges. Understand you are ancient and this life is but a drop in the ocean comparative to your souls experience. When we are out of our minds, we are in our inherent ancient wisdom!

3) Utilise the elements of the earth - Shamanic practices, Traditonal Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic practices, food as medicine, earth meditations, being in nature, washing in water, understanding the elements within us. Earth, Air, Water & Fire

We are here and made of this beautiful earth, she gifts us with the earth elements, flowing with experiences in life is like water, using the element of water to cleanse and balance ourselves is how we start to wash ourselves clean of the things we cannot change and start to create from a different place in our being. Choosing clearing, cooling and calming elements in our food and practices or treatments at these times is medicine!

We are all here to remind each other of our gifts and abilities, I know how grateful I am when my soul family remind me of my essence in times of change and fluctuations! We all have the ability to tune into ourselves on a deeper level, lets remind each other instead of judging and persecuting those in flux!

Letting Go and Going with the Flow is easier than most think....

Open yourself to the endless possibilities when you tap into your energetic potential! When our energy is in harmony with the divine, we magnetically create our path and purpose organically without the push/pull!!

Join us at The Connection Programme to learn these vital tools and practices, designed for these changing times!

Email me with any enquiries at

Totally in service to those who feel the calling for this work

Payment plans are still available

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Our next weekend workshop is full of tools and practices to wipe the slate clean of old patterning and programming. We will share with you ancient wisdom and vital knowledge to connect with your true abilities and creative powers!

Join us to expand into your full energetic potential

Content includes:

Welcome to Country

Chakra & Meridian teachings


Chakra Meditations

Sacred space & intention setting

The ancient science of Astrology & Numerology

Meridian yoga

Food as medicine

Shamanic Healing and Sound bath

Crystal Bowl sound healing

The Endocrine system & its connection to the Chakra system

The magic of the pineal gland

High vibrational Lunch and snacks included

To secure your place, go to Event Bookings on this site

In Service Always

Danielle 🙏🏽

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